MTC, RMB partner

The solution will eliminate the need for subscribers to rush to an MTC branch to make urgent payments, or to send confirmation of payments made from any of the FNB payment channels.

17 March 2017 | Business

RMB Namibia and MTC this week announced the implementation of a unique Receipt-It solution.

This allows all payments made to MTC via any of FNB's payment channels (FNB Online Banking, the FNB App, FNB ATMs and branches) to reflect in near real-time in the individual MTC subscriber's account.

'This solution will eliminate the need for subscribers to rush to an MTC branch to make urgent payments, or to send confirmation of payments made from any of the FNB payment channels to the MTC Call Centre,' explains Malcolm Fraser, head of corporate banking at RMB Namibia.

“The implementation of the RMB Receipt-It solution is targeted at all FNB clients who use the FNB channels for payment of their MTC accounts,” adds Reginald Obaking, relationship manager at RMB Corporate.

“The RMB Receipt-It solution is an instant notification solution that the bank sends to a corporate client's line-of-business system for further processing.”

Tim Ekandjo, MTC's chief human capital and corporate affairs officer, says convenience and customer-centric solutions have always formed part of the bedrock of MTC innovation, and that this partnership with FNB demonstrates the agility of corporate understanding in terms of placing the customer's needs first.

“As the world evolves towards making payments securely, efficiently and cost effectively, a solution such as this has become a basic necessity in these technology-pressed times,” Ekandjo says.

“With this solution, corporate subscribers to this innovation via FNB banking channels can rest assured that their accounts will be credited in near real-time, resulting in a practically instantaneous reflection on their credited account. This provides peace of mind and assurance that they can continue to make the connection without worry or the least disruption.”

When making a payment to MTC using either FNB Online Banking or the FNB App, FNB account holders must select one of two options. The first is MTC Contract Invoice Payment: This account should be selected when making payment towards outstanding invoices. This is also the account to be used to reactivate suspended accounts.

The second option is MTC Contract Prepayment: This account should be selected when a customer has reached their credit limit and wants to open up their service to further usage, or for when they're travelling abroad where roaming charges may apply.

When entering their 'Reference', users must enter 0000, followed by the full 10-digit cellphone number to which they require the credit to be allocated. For direct payments made at any of the 54 FNB branches, these will also need to be identified by 0000 followed by a valid MTC cellphone number.

In terms of company payments, if a company has more than one sub-account, one MTC cellphone number should be used on the invoice as a reference for payment to be allocated correctly on each sub-account.

Once a payment has been successfully processed, FNB will send MTC a confirmation message, thus allowing MTC to immediately apply the credit to the MTC customer's account.

“This is just one of the examples of how FNB continually strives to make use of technology to enhance the efficiencies of its clients, and we thank MTC for allowing us to implement this first-for-Namibia solution,” Fraser says.


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