Mixed bag of weather predicted

06 July 2018 | Weather

Following below freezing temperatures and icy winds at the start of the week in many parts of Namibia compared to hot, sandy and windy conditions at the coast, a high pressure system over Botswana is expected to result in rain showers and slightly higher temperatures over the north and north-eastern parts of Namibia today.

Chief forecaster of the Namibia Meteorological Service (NMS) Odillo Kgobetsi explained that the expected rainfall today is a result of “a very strong high pressure system over Botswana” that is causing a “strong easterly flow that is affecting or bringing warm maritime air from the Indian Ocean”. Today's weather forecast by the NMS notes that very cold conditions will persist over the interior in the early morning and at night and showers and rain are expected to set in today in the Zambezi, Kavango, Omaheke and eastern parts of the Khomas regions.

Kgobetsi added that the cold and wet conditions will be combined with strong north-easterly winds.

In contrast, the coastal areas which have been battered with sandstorms and very high temperatures this week will see those conditions continue today with a slackening of the east weather expected tomorrow.

Kgobetsi explained that his is due to the berg wind conditions weakening over the coastal areas as from Saturday. He said overall, Namibia is experiencing very mixed weather conditions this week.

Minimum temperatures expected for today are slightly higher than yesterday, with a low of 4 degrees Celsius expected in Windhoek and Keetmanshoop, several degrees higher than the minus and freezing temperatures experienced on Monday this week in many towns.

A low of 5 degrees Celsius is expected in Aranos and Grootfontein, with higher lows in other towns.

Maximum temperatures will go as high as 36 in Walvis Bay, which will experience a minimum temperature today of 18. In Swakopmund the low is expected to reach 18, with a high of 32 degrees Celsius.

Lüderitz will have a low of 12 degrees Celsius and a maximum temperature today of 32.

Elsewhere, in the far north-east, Katima Mulilo can expect a low of 6 degrees Celsius and a high of 27, while Windhoek will reach an expected maximum of 20 degrees Celsius.


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