Mega projects coming

The power parastatal is planning to spend big on a range of projects that will boost the country's electricity supply and network.

25 July 2019 | Energy

NamPower is planning multi-billion-dollar investments in power transmission and the generation of electricity over the next four years, which are outlined in its recently approved strategic plan.

The parastatal's managing director Simson Haulofu, who was speaking at a stakeholder engagement this week, gave the assurance that the construction of power lines would be completed within the next five years.

This will include investments in a new Auas-Gerus 400 kilovolt (kV) line, the Auas-Kokerboom 400 kV line, as well as the Obib-Oranjemund kV line situated in South Africa.

The investments in NamPower's transmission capacity will ensure improved network reliability, increased load supply capacity and an increased capacity to wheel electricity and generate additional income, Haulofu explained.

Among the investments is the construction of three high-voltage power lines, as well as the construction of the Omburu solar power plant, the Anixas II power station, the Otjikoto biomass power plant and a wind farm in the vicinity of Lüderitz.

“The Omburu tender is ready. The Central Procurement Board must advertise and we move. On the Otjikoto plant, we have done quite a lot. 40 megawatts (MW) is planned on 44 hectares of land. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) audit is being finalised and the fuel supply agreement has been developed and is waiting for board approval,” he said.

Haulofu conceded that studies on the power potential of its planned wind farm still had to be done, while adding that land still had to be sourced.

“The site is not yet approved. The testing of wind data still needs to be done,” he said.

Haulofu also backed the planned specifications around the biomass plant. Worries were raised about the size of the plan and a suggestion by a member of the public was made to construct a 10MW plant first and upscale further down the line.

“We did an extensive study and looked at various capacities. This is a project where we believe there will be a lot of spin-offs. The biomass we have is quite huge, there is really no fear… studies have been done,” he said.

Haulofu expressed confidence in NamPower's ability to support the projects financially.

“All these projects will be done on NamPower's balance sheet. The balance sheet speaks to close to N$15 billion,” he said.


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