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Back for the second year, tjil brings you this year's nominees.

10 August 2018 | Art and Entertainment

Expect the biggest red carpet and nothing short of glitz and glamour at the Simply You Magazine (SYM) Lifestyle and Fashion Awards to be hosted on 1 September at the National Theatre of Namibia. The award show is a brainchild of the lifestyle magazine founded by Helena Ngaifiwa, and is all about commemorating people who have done remarkable things for the local entertainment industry. This year, 18 categories have been announced with 115 nominees, including old and new nominees, topping the list.

The announcement follows after an intense and rigorous selection and judging process by an independent steering committee and judging panel. The voting lines are already open and will close on 29 August. To vote for your favourite nominee in each category, send a text message with the nominee's unique code to 5001. Voting is unlimited and all messages are charged at N$1.

Favourite TV Personality

Robyn Nakaambo (FTVP - Robyn)

Paul Da Prince (FTVP - Paul)

Nashawn Marenga (FTVP - Nashawn)

Joviita Kandjumbwa (FTVP - Joviita)

Favourite Female Radio Personality

Chante (FFRP - Chante)

Che (FFRP - Che)

Treza Cooper (FFRP - Treza)

Karlien Kruger (FFRP - Karlien)

Favourite Male Radio Personality


Cheeze (FMRP - Cheeze)

Chopsi (FMRP - Chopsi)

Mappz (FMRP - Mappz)

Favourite Emerging Fashion Designer

Simeone Johannes (FEFD - Simeone)

Ndahafa Shaimemanya (FEFD - Ndahafa)

Deon Angelo (FEFD - Deon)

Ruberto Schultz (FEFD - Ruberto)

Favourite Fashion Designer

Ingo Shanyenge (FFD - Ingo)

Melisa Poulton (FFD - Melisa)

Mathew Erastus (FFD - Mathew)

Chakirra Claassen (FFD - Chakirra)

Favourite Stylist

Reinhard Mahalie (FS - Reinhard)

Leah Misika (FS - Leah)

Deon Chimsoro (FS - Deon)

Favourite Sports Personality

Helalia JoHannes (FSP - Helalia)

Jonas Junius (FSP - Jonas)

Renaldo Bothma (FSP - Renaldo)

Sadney Urikhob (FSP - Sadney)

Favourite Fitness Personality

Emily Kandanga (FFP - Emily)

Gregory Aweseb (FFP - Gregory)

Simba-Fitcity (FFP - Simba)

Maria Nepembe (FFP - Maria)

Favourite Female Model

Chelsi Shikongo (FFM - Chelsi)

Varaa Hambira (FFM - Varaa)

Princess Tjozongoro (FFM - Princess)

Anna Shiweda (FFM - Anna)

Favourite Male Model

Hieko Prior (FMM - Hieko)

Wellem Kapenda (FMM - Wellem)

Mervin Uahupirapi (FMM - Mervin)

Mmoloki Samoka (FMM - Mmoloki)

Favourite Photographer

Paavo Shooya (FP - Paavo)

Martin Amushendje (FP - Martin)

Christian Stiebahl (FP - Christian)

Merja Ileka (FP - Merja)

Favourite Male Actor

Pummue Seibeb (FMA - Pumwe)

Denzel Naobeb NSk (FMA - Denzel)

Adriano Visagie (FMA - Adriano)

Ashwyn Mberi (FMA - Ashwyn)

Favourite Female Actress

Odile Gertze (FFA - Odile)

Nelago Shilongoh (FFA - Nelago)

Elizabeth Shakuzungisa (FFA - Elizabeth)

Zenobia Kloppers (FFA - Zenobia)

Favourite Comedian

Mark Kariahuua (FC - Mark)

Ndangi Illeka (FC - Ndangi)

Slick The Dick (FC - Slick)

Courage The Comedian (FC - Courage)

Favourite Blogger

Beauty Boois (FB - Beauty)

Leah Misika (FB - Leah)

Charene Labuschagne (FB - Charene)

Kimberley Krieger (FB - Kimberley)

Favourite Make-up Artist

Jay Aeron (FMUA - Aeron)

Toni Did it (FMUA - Toni)

Hannah Nangula-Kolokwe (FMUA - Hannah)

Adda's Creation (FMUA - Adda)

Favourite Accessories Designer

House of Nalo (FAD - Nalo)

Elements By Akirina (FAD - Akirina)

Sage by D (FAD - Sage)

Leon Engelbrecht (FAD - Leon)

Favourite DJ

Afroberries (FDJ - Afroberries)

Desert Storm (FDJ - DesertStorm)

Asser Deep (FDJ - AsserDeep)

DJ Castro (FDJ-DjCastro)

June Shimuoshili

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