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Driven, ambitious, informative and opinionated… these are some of the words one can use to describe Leena Shipwata.

19 July 2019 | Art and Entertainment

What separates Leena Shipwata from her peers is the amount of work she is entrusted with by various media platforms, the established media personalities in her circle, and her bravery to take on challenges in her line of work. She is also good at adorning her social media pages with visually pleasing aesthetics thus, if you roam around on Instagram streets, many will recommend that you follow her.

tjil got an opportunity to sit down with Shipwata to find out what goals she is chasing in the media world, how she is balancing studies with various media projects she is involved with, and more.

Currently her biggest role is being the host and face of Visible Talent Namibia, a road show scouting talent around the country. “Tate Buti came up with the initiative and brought Top Cheri, Dion from PDK and others on board.

“I am grateful to be a part of this show because it is a show that is giving talented people in smaller towns an opportunity to share their talent,” said Shipwata. On how she got her foot in the industry, Shipwata shared that she started off hosting small and intimate events when she was in high school. She then started modelling which she said boosted her confidence to take on big-stage MC'ing. “I knew what I always wanted to do from a young age. When I would read magazines and watch television, I knew that I wanted to be a part of this industry,” she said.

On her modelling career, Shipwata said it has opened doors for her and has been a learning experience. For her, modelling is not just a hobby but an arena to make her dreams come true. “I was recently nominated in the Simply You Magazine Lifestyle and Fashion Awards, in the Favourite Female Model category.

“It is my first-ever nomination and I am so excited because it means my work does not go unnoticed,” said Shipwata.

On top of being a model, events host, television director, and final-year media student, Shipwata is also a bikini designer.

She exclusively announced to tjil that she will be launching her bikini line this summer, a business move she said she is very excited about. “I launched something similar but on a small scale last year just to test the waters; the response was awesome so I believe I am ready now to do something bigger and better,” she shared.

Being a busy person, Shipwata admitted that this year has been challenging in terms of balancing between her work and studies. “I have grown as a brand and this growth comes with a lot of opportunities.

School is also more demanding as I am in my final year. I am not complaining though because I have always had side hustles ever since my first year so I know how adjust and make time for everything that I do,” said Shipwata.

Summing up the conversation with tjil, Shipwata said that her dream is to one day open an arts school.

She also said she is passionate about the girl child and willing to help others. “I get a lot of direct messages (DMs) from a lot of girls asking me for advice on how to breakthrough in the industry; my advice is just start.

“I want to be one of those people who contributes to growing the art and entertainment scene in Namibia, hence my dream of one day opening an arts school,” she said.


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