Marching with a passion for music

Local artist with the banger Ondjodi ya Maria Nepembe chats to tjil on how he handles his passion and a job.

01 February 2019 | Art and Entertainment

A lot of artists find it hard to maintain a mainstream job and still have time for their talent. Many have left their jobs to pursue their creative talent as a full-time job with some being able to pull it off whilst others fail dismally. Singer of Ondjodi ya Maria Nepembe, Filly-Zo, has been in the game since 2009. Upon realising that his talent is unable to sustain him and his family, he eventually joined the Namibian army four years ago.

The singer, who recently released his second album titled Friends are Family, says that the industry is not an easy one and sometimes coming to this awareness can help one succeed. Having a full-time job, the singer makes time for his music on weekends and holidays.

“Music has always been my passion, it's a calling. Unfortunately it is unable to pay my bills, that is why I got a job. Being an artist doesn't mean releasing projects every other day and that's why it works for me because now I have time to perfect my craft,” he said.

He is based in Grootfontein and to date, there is no recording studio. The Mofuka singer says he constantly has to travel to Windhoek or Ondangwa for studio time and mastering of his work which is also costly.

“We need to have studios of good quality with sound engineers who can help us make quality work. Travelling is costly. I go to King Max's WKMP studio in Ondangwa as it is closer for me but not everyone is able to do this. We need to decentralise everything - from equipment to videographers,” said Filly-Zo. Although he gets a hard time from the public for being a soldier and an artist at the same time, the singer says it works for him and what people say does not matter.

“People will judge you wherever you go. I get people who say I don't 'fit' to be an artist and I should rather be a soldier. It's normal now to be told such things but I brush it off,” he said.

Filly-Zo is currently working on his second project to be released later this year. He recently launched his clothing line which is on sale through his social mediums.

June Shimuoshili

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