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14 July 2020 | Life Style

Use toothpaste to restore your vehicle’s headlights:

Before you begin, make sure the fogginess is on the outside of the headlamps – if it’s on the inside, they will need to be replaced.
Also remember that this is a temporary solution. If you would like something more permanent, you could buy a headlight restoration kit to properly sand and polish your headlights.

What you need:
-Toothpaste (preferably containing baking soda)
-Kitchen sponge
-Masking tape
-Clean cloth

1.Clean headlights with soapy water ensuring they are dry afterwards.
2.Put masking tape on area surrounding headlights and use a kitchen sponge to rub toothpaste over headlights, using water when needed. A fair amount of elbow grease is required!
3.Rinse headlights with clean water.

Use pantyhose when your vehicle’s fan belt breaks:

This only works on cars that have the old fashioned V-Belts; it would not work on cars that have the modern-day serpentine belts. The pantyhose can be used as a temporary solution for a makeshift fan belt, and would be used to get your car to the nearest garage to be repaired.

What you need:
-A pair of thick pantyhose
-A scissor/knife

1.Do an inspection and check to make sure that the fan belt is the cause of the problem. If it is still intact, look for any tears/rips in the belt.
2.Wrap the pantyhose twice around the pulleys, pulling as tightly as you can and tie in a knot once you have proper tension. Cut off any excess pantyhose.
3.Start your car and test.

Use pantyhose for a broken windshield wiper:

Pantyhose can also be used as a temporary solution for a broken windshield wiper arm. Wrap the pantyhose around the broken wiper arm and tie a knot. This will allow the windshield to be cleaned and protect the windshield glass from being scratched by the metal arm of the wiper.

Use Google to find where you parked your car:

Once you have parked your car, open Google Maps and tap the blue spot indicating your location. Tap the “Save your parking” option that pops up and use this method to relocate your car.

Which side of the car is your fuel tank?

Most vehicles have a small arrow on the dashboard gauge indicating which side the fuel tank is located.

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