Main suspect in fraud case hands herself over

04 January 2017 | Crime

The police have confirmed the arrest of a senior tax officer of the Ministry of Finance in Walvis Bay, named as the main suspect in a fraud case involving over N$2 million.

Detective Chief Inspector Moses Uwu Khaeb said a woman suspected of being involved in the fraud case handed herself over to the police at Walvis Bay yesterday.

“She was arrested and will appear in court today with ten other suspects we arrested recently in connection with the case,” he said.

It is alleged that the accused, four of whom are employees of the Inland Revenue Department in Walvis Bay, defrauded the government of N$2 220 781 between 1 April 2013 and November 2016.

The suspects allegedly created fake Pay As You Earn (PAYE5) certificates using the names of approximately 21 accomplices (friends and relatives) and processed them.

This resulted in numerous undeserved tax refunds which were subsequently detected by the ministry's Security and Risk Management team.

Forensic experts conducted an internal investigation and then handed the case over to the police.

The first six of eleven suspects - a tax officer, a cleaner and four accomplices - were arrested on 27 and 28 December in Walvis Bay.

They were charged with fraud and contravening the Anti-Corruption Act and made their first appearance before Magistrate Vicky Nicolaidis in the Walvis Bay Magistrate's Court.

Nicolaidis denied them bail and postponed the case against Morne Feris (21), Henry Visagie (36), Jaqueline Imbili (44), Willemina Visagie (36), Quinton Mathews (42) and Marlon Prins (25) to 10 January.

Prosecutor Tuihaleni Hilikuete said the accused could interfere with witnesses and the arrests of other suspects.

Some of the alleged accomplices questioned by the police admitted their involvement. One told Namibian Sun that he was contacted and assisted one of the accused on numerous occasions.

“He requested and I allowed him to use my bank account after he told me that he had received a bonus payout. According to him he did not want the money to go into his own account, which was overdrawn, and he paid me a fee each time he used my account.”


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