Local is very lekker!

Namibia's latest stellar movie production continues to gain momentum, with filmgoers flocking to see it.

01 November 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Over 1 600 filmgoers have already feasted their eyes on the much-anticipated local movie, Land of the Brave, and there has also been an accompanying social media buzz.

Namibians can easily relate to the sets and languages and the soundtrack features local hits such as Gazza's Mokasie and Lady May's Chokola.

The movie centres on the clash of a female cop (Meisie Willemse) and a ruthless reporter, who in an attempt to set off her investigation into a series of murders, reveals dark secrets from Meisie's past.

The production also features songs by Afrikaans rappers Ike Adonis and Vaughn Ahrens. The song lyrics are inspired by the film's tagline: “Facing the ghosts of your past is like trying to catch a serial killer who won't be caught.”

The movie premiered at Grove Mall in Windhoek on 10 October and filmgoers have gone wild on social media over the unique storyline and the plot twists, which make the movie intriguing to watch.

They also commented on the sets and aerial shots of Namibia, which they described as “beautiful”.

Tim Huebschle, the director and producer of the thrilling movie, shared that the first words of the script “were typed some 12 years ago”, and now the movie has finally come to life.

“It's a relief to have finally released the film. The story has been told. Now it's up to the audience to decide,” he said.

Huebschle said bringing Meisie's past into the mix was deliberate, to highlight that Namibians need to confront the pain of their pre-independence past, before they can fully be healed.

“If you let your past become a ghost, it will come back to haunt you!”

He added the film is essentially for Namibians to “see the characters and places that they can relate to on the big screen”, and additionally plant some thoughts of self-introspection on how individuals can do better, generally.

“If corporates start investing more into the film industry, then there's more funds to tell Namibian stories such as #LANDoftheBRAVEfilm,” added Huebschle.

The budget during production was extremely tight and Huebschle and the team had to make a lot of prudent decision-making, and relied on support from everybody involved in the movie.

“The film is first and foremost meant for the people who it is about,” said the director, adding that the team is still exploring some screenings outside the country.

The priority, however, remains Namibians and giving them a feeling of home on the big screen.

The production team also comprised of David Benade, who was in charge of sound and wore a producer's hat as well. He said by building the ideal cast and crew, they mastered a vital pillar of effective project management. He said he appreciates the efforts of the Namibia Film Commission, in terms of their financial aid towards the development and production of the project.

Elize de Wee, who plays Meisie, said she enjoyed playing the character and related to her in some areas, such as her passion for helping others. She said she had to practice her Afrikaans to suit the character she was playing.


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