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  • Local economy can’t afford another lockdown: Uanguta
Local economy canu2019t afford another lockdown: Uanguta
Local economy canu2019t afford another lockdown: Uanguta

Local economy can’t afford another lockdown: Uanguta

Herma Prinsloo


The Bank of Namibia’s deputy governor, Ebson Uanguta, sats the Namibian economy cannot afford another lockdown.

Addressing the media on Wednesday, Uanguta explained that Namibia’s current economic state requires all kinds of support, and lockdown restrictions will hamper the needed economic activity.

President Hage Geingob on Monday warned Namibians that the government would be forced to take drastic measures to curb the further spread of Covid-19, should cases continue to rise.

“If we don’t change our habits, we will be left with no choice but to take stricter measures ahead of the festive season. It is not a desirable course of action,” the president cautioned.


Uanguta stressed that Namibians have a collective responsibility to build a resilient and strong economy by adhering to the Covid-19 protocols, particularly with vaccination as the most effective tool to curb the pandemic.

He noted that the key risk to the global economic outlook is the future course of the pandemic and the degree of success in the deployment of Covid-19 vaccines, adding that countries with low vaccination rates could allow the virus to mutate further, causing a possible tightening of financial conditions.

“We need to make a choice to rebuild Namibia’s economy and that choice is through making sure that a significant part of our population gets vaccinated. This is a serious challenge, but honestly we cannot afford lockdown, therefore the responsibility is on us as citizens,” he urged.


Namibian Sun 2023-05-29

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