King of vines

King Gucci is a new name in the mainstream spotlight, but his art is about to stir up the game.

18 April 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Now here is a talent the culture will have to take seriously, sooner rather than later. If you have not heard of King Gucci, real name Malukolo Herman (20), then here is your opportunity to clean up your disappointing consciousness.

With a unique insight on trending topics and authentic delivery, King Gucci's story is only the beginning and we can only wait for the full impact. Having over 27 000 followers on Instagram just off funny vines, here is his story.

In a sit-down with tjil, King Gucci mentioned that he considers himself to be a multi-talented individual who stands out as a comedian, dancer and actor. “It all started last year when I made a funny video called Ekumbatha lyo ko portal. The Wamboes Be Like page on Instagram shared it and it went viral. Everyone was talking about it.”

“I made another video about model Meriam Kaxuxwena, this video got 52 000 views on her personal account and over 30 000 views on my page,” he shared, adding that when he shared the Meriam Kaxuxwena video he was sitting on 700 followers on Instagram but the number rapidly increased to 10 000 followers in about nine hours.

“Instagram even direct messaged (DM) me, alerting me that they were seeing a suspicious increase in the number of my followers as my account went viral in a matter of hours. I assume they thought someone hacked my account and was buying followers,” said King Gucci.

Speaking on what makes his videos stand out from a plethora of other online comedians, King Gucci said his secret formula is making videos that the masses can relate to. He added that he does not just make things up out of the blue and presents his content in the funniest way possible. “Things like making a video, asking my granny for money to buy a blanket for my portal at school. A lot of students do these things where we come up with excuses that do not even exist to ask for money and I believe that's what makes it funny. It's witty but these things happen. You would be surprised at the lies students tell their parents for money,” he said.

He believes he learned being hilarious from his father. He describes his father as funny and loving. “It feels like me being hilarious is something I learned from my dad or perhaps it is just in-born.”

Speaking on how he is capitalising on his strong social media following, he mentioned that he believes he is an influencer now and that is how he makes his money. “I get 12 000 views on some of my videos in the space of just two hours. That is powerful. Corporate companies want to advertise with me now. They come to me to post ads for them and that is how I make a little bit of money from the videos that I make,” he said.

To put things into perspective, King Gucci revealed that he now pays for his little brother's school fees and for his own registration fees. King Gucci is a second-year education student at the International University of Management (IUM). “A lot of people think I am doing a course closely related to media studies but I am not. I am really in love with my course and cannot wait to impact lives in the classrooms,” said King Gucci.

On his future endeavours, King Gucci said he feels like he has made a name for himself online and is ready to explore other avenues. He announced that he and Cassie Jessica are conceptualising a television show called Trending Namibia. “It is similar to the comic videos we do for online but we want to take it to a bigger platform. We also are working on starting a television show for teenagers; Namibian content for Namibian teens,” he shared.


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