Katiti PA's N$800k windfall

12 February 2019 | Government

The unfolding probe into suspended Namibia Institute for Pathology (NIP) CEO Augustinus Katiti has shown how he allegedly favoured his personal assistant, who initially earned a salary of N$300 000 a year, so she could rake in nearly N$800 000.

Katiti, who was suspended last year, allegedly sidelined two other candidates who had scored higher for the position of manager of analysis and business improvement, so that Nancy Angula could get the job in 2016.

Katiti's decision to appoint Angula in her new post was solely his and he did so without board approval for the creation of the position, documents seen by Namibian Sun alleged.

Katiti said yesterday: “I really want you to be fair in your reporting. You have also seen this happening in other parastatals, I am aware of at least three parastatals that have recruited candidates that didn't score the highest in the interviews. “Why is my memo not being read carefully to understand why I took that step?

“I reviewed the matter after recommendation. And we have always appointed people from within. Our guidelines and policies say so. This is within the laws of this country.

“Yes, she was my PA at the time, but I have no relationship with her whatsoever, I was promoting a culture of black females, who have the potential. And for as long as I am alive, I will continue to give people opportunities.”

Lukas Ailemo, Josef Tangi, Tjihuee Kahure, Romanus Kawana, Vinea Sinalumbu and Angula applied for the post.

Score sheets seen by Namibian Sun show that Sinalumbu and Kawana scored the highest during the interview process, with scores of 86.8% and 84.3%, respectively, while Angula came third with 80.6%.

“The said Angula came third in the interview outcomes and notwithstanding the foresaid, Katiti appointed her to the position not only in violation of NIP recruitment and staffing policies, but also to the prejudice of the two persons who were recommended for possible appointment. Further, no board approval was obtained for the creation and establishment of the position,” a report signed by NIP board chairperson Diina Shuuluka reads.

NIP's now suspended chief human capital officer Monica Pendukeni and chief strategic and business development executive Jennifer Kauapirura formed part of the panel that interviewed the candidates.

Angula still occupies the position.

The board further said that “the remuneration of Angula further contravened provisions of the State Owned Enterprises Governance Act of 2006”.

Angula's remuneration package includes a basic salary, medical aid, a pension contribution, a 13th cheque and housing and vehicle allowances, according to the appointment letter signed by Katiti on 12 October 2016.

In his recommendation letter, Katiti used employment equity to justify appointing Angula in the new post, despite her coming third in the interview process.

“The current statistics at NIP indicates that there are 32 management positions, excluding exco members, of which 29 are filled and two are vacant as at the end of August 2016. Only eight or 27.6% of all filed managerial positions are occupied by women, and 21 or 72.4% of all filled managerial positions are occupied by men.

“It is against this background that I direct that the internal candidate be promoted to the position of Manager: Process Analysis and Business Improvement. This is an available candidate for appointment to this position from a designated group who is certainly able and willing, through appropriate training programmes, to acquire the necessary skills and qualifications,” Katiti said.

Angula has been with the NIP since October 2010, and was initially appointed as an administrative officer.

Angula said she does not know anything about coming third in the interview process.

“I wouldn't know that I came third in the interview, but talk to our HR, as the department is the one that deals with such matters,” Angula said.

NIP acting chief human capital officer Jason Kafidi said he doesn't want get involved and referred all enquiries to his seniors.

Sinalumbu said he was confident about getting the position.

“This is news to me. I was only informed via an email that I was unsuccessful. They did not reveal to me how much I scored in the interview process.

“After my presentation during the interview, I had hope and was confident that I got the job, but after the email was sent I suspected some foul play, although I did not have primary information about it.

“This is pure corruption and now that I know I am going to seek legal advice and take this matter further,” Sinalumbu added.


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