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18 June 2020 | Banking

Jeane Kamfer has proven that with determination and perseverance, anything is possible if you believe in who you are and what you can do.
Kamfer is taking on her new role at Pointbreak Wealth with hopes to use her skills to assist others and she believes in the value of lessons that both people and nature can teach you.
Kamfer was born and raised in Windhoek, where she grew up in a “completely English home”, but attended an Afrikaans school called Windhoek Afrikaanse Privaatskool.
“I have fond memories of going on many camping and other outdoor trips with my family and all our friends. I spent all of my teenage years at Von Bach Dam where we participated in competitive water-skiing,” Kamfer added.
This was the ultimate home-away-from-home experience for Kamfer, where she made some of her best lifelong friendships.
“After school I moved to Stellenbosch where I spent a few years studying, and also lost some of my Afrikaans speaking talents. While I was completing my BComm marketing degree, I knew my passions were actually in financial planning.” Kamfer is currently pursuing her postgraduate diploma in financial planning.
“I look forward to being able to assist people in achieving a better financial future. Under the current market conditions, financial planning becomes even more relevant and necessary than ever before. If I can help someone now to stretch their finances while providing them with greater financial peace of mind, my work and contribution will mean so much more,” she added.
“My current position entails working with and helping all my colleagues and learning from their amazing and diverse abilities. The opportunities I am experiencing are also the challenges. I leave the office every day knowing that I have learnt a new skill and contributed to a plan that will help a client achieve a better financial future,” she added.
Kamfer is inspired by nature and by people. “Nature offers the opportunity for adventures – I love experiencing new things and new places. One can always gain wisdom and insights from other peoples’ perspectives,” Kamfer added.
She has a particularly soft spot for the elderly and all the stories they have to share.
Kamfer wants to encourage young people to never allow the pressure of societal expectations to determine their career choices. “Don’t get caught up in the instant bubble that a lot of young people find themselves in. Society has all these rules that dictate when you must achieve what. Take as long as you need to in order to find your path and happiness - be it personal or professional.”
Kamfer strongly believes in hard work and patience, which she believes always pay off in the end.
She prefers to listen to others rather than speaking and values the importance of thinking before one speaks. “I am a deep thinker and I always think about things from all possible angles.”
Even though she might initially strike one as being shy, she opens up as soon as she becomes comfortable in someone’s company.
“I have a phobia of my foods touching, which is called brumotactillophobia,” she shared.
“In a year from now I want to celebrate the fact that I have gained more confidence in myself and my work. Furthermore, I aim to have my work be a valuable contribution to Pointbreak Wealth,” she added.

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