Kalenga a kanitha olugodhi luukwaniilwa

15 July 2019 | Justice

Endopo lyaningwa kuKonisa Eino Kalenga oku pataneka euliko netulo koshipundi shuukwaniilwa lyaFillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo onga omukwaniilwa gwaNdonga pethimbo, ogamwe gomomatompelo kutya omolwashike Omupanguli Thomas Masuku a kutha mo eindilo lyawo momusholondondo gwiipotha mbyoka ya endelela okupulakenwa mompangu.

Momasiku 28 gaJune, Masuku okwa kutha mo momusholondondo gwiipotha eindilo lyaKalenga ndyoka lya li lya nuninwa okuya moshipala oshituthi shokutula koshipundi Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo onga omukwaniilwa omupe gwaNdonga, ta popi kutya eindilo ndyoka inali gwanitha po iipumbiwa yomaindilo ngoka ga endelela mompangu.

Kalenga okwa ningi eindilo lyomeendelelo mompangu a hala okuya moshipala etulo koshipundi lyaNangolo, ta popi kutya otali yi moshipala uuthemba we opo uulikwe onga omukwaniilwa gwaNdonga. Ayehe Nangolo naKalenga oya ningi eindilo kominista Peya Mushelenga opo ya ziminwe papangelo onga aakwaaniilwa yaNdonga. Nangolo okwali uulikwa komukwaniilwa nale Immanuel Kauluma Elifas onga omulanduli gwe momvula yo 2012, omanga Kalenga uulikwa kongunduyiitongolako yomofamili yaakwaniilwa sha landula eso lyaElifas nuumvo.

Momasiku 10 gaJune, Mushelenga okwa zimine euliko lyaNangolo onga omukwaniilwa gwaNdonga netulo koshipundi olya li lya longekidhwa opo li ningwe momasiku 29 Juni, ihe nonando ongaaka shoka inashi tambulwako nomaako gaali kongundu ndjoka tayi hwahwameke nokuyambidhidha Kalenga, sha etitha ya ninge eindilo lyomeendelelo kompangu taya pataneke etokolo ndyoka lya ningwa oshowo oompangela okutula moshipundi Nangolo.

Momasiku 19 gaJuni, Kalenga nayakwawo yalwe yaheyali oya ningi eindilo lyompangu lyomeendelelo moka taya pataneke etokolo lyaningwa kuMushelenga.

Mushelenga, Ngoloneya gwaShana Elia Irimari, Hahende-Ndjai gwepangelo Albert Kawana oshowo Nangolo oya li momusholondondo gwaayamukuli ye li pomugoyi meindilo ndyoka lya ningwa.

Masuku pethimbo a ningi etokolo moshipotha shoka okwa popi kutya eindilo lyompangu lyaKelnga olya hwahwamekwa koshituthi shetulo koshipundi lyaNangolo shoka sha li tashi ningwa momasiku 29 gaJuni.

Okwa popile woo etokolo ndyoka lya ningwa kuMushelenga kutya okwe li ningi a landula ompango, nonando Kalenga okwa popi kutya euliko lyaNangolo okwe li nongele owala okupitila komapandja gomakwatathano gopamalungula, na ina lombwelwa pambelewa nonando naye okwa li a ningi eindilo ta pula opo a ziminwe papangelo onga omukwaniilwa gwaNdonga.

Masuku okwa popi natango kutya Kalenga okwali a nongele euliko lyaNangolo momvula yo 2012 sho lya ningwa komukwaniilwa ihe okwa kala a mwena na ina pataneka euliko ndyoka lya li lya ningwa komukwaniilwa pethimbo ndyoka, nonando okwa kala e na ontseyo mulyo.

Pehulilo Masuku okwa popi kutya eindilo lyaKalenga inali endela molwaashoka inali gwanitha po iipumbiwa yontopolwa 73 (4) (b) ngaashi tashi uthwa kompangu.

Nangolo okwa tulwa koshipundi shuukwaniilwa onga omukwaniilwa gwaNdonga omuti 18, oshituthi shoka sha li sha nana aantu omayovi nomayovi, sha ningilwa pOmbala ye pOnambango.


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