In The Zone!

12 March 2019 | Education

Ester Kamati

Over the past few months I have made tremendous moves and decided to challenge myself.

It is a popular opinion that a dream is only worth the effort that you put in and in that way you are attaching value to this dream.

I am a young woman who lives on impulse and I am often afraid of major decisions, but this year I have dedicated myself to changing that.

Despite people’s opinions and negative criticisms, you never know what lies ahead of you, if you don’t take the strides.

This year, after a very long and stern pep-talk, I have taken a major leap into my very first job.

I have always wanted to step into the shoes of a journalist because it seems extremely exciting from the onset and seeing myself as a fully capable writer, I put my best foot forward in an attempt to fill those shoes. It started with me drafting an email and ended with a phone call from a private number, and now here I am, writing a column for The Zone. It seems a little scary, I must confess, because it appears to be a bit more serious than what I anticipated. But they say if you are scared, it is only because you’re about to make a major move. And quite frankly, the challenge is exciting. I am anxious, but enthusiastic to see what this opportunity has in store for me, and you can trust that I will grab with both hands the lemons that life throws at me.

I would not say I have quite ‘succeeded’ just yet, because this is only phase one of a long journey. I am yet to prove myself in the media world, as well as touch the life of somebody out there, give a forward push to another individual who is scared to make a major step or make a name for myself in the writer’s world. I have come to realise that fear is simply a state of mind and for as long as one is willing to commit to something, it will be rewarding in the end.

Being an accounting student, I was sceptical about taking on another commitment, but I needed to do this for myself. Despite having no knowledge of the media world, I am taking the bull by the horns, in attempt to make it count. I have gotten enough advice and done enough procrastinating and a step in the right direction is exactly what I need. Despite the challenges I may face, I am ready to make my mistakes and I’m willing to learn from them. A baby bird in the adult world is what I am, working towards getting her wings, beating the odds and ultimately soaring.

My main point here is that you never know where a particular road will take you, unless you follow it, and the only GPS you’ll need is your heart, fuelled by drive, and you may find yourself at places unimaginable. I always say it’s not the destination that counts, it’s the journey, and in order to realise a mistake, you first need to make it. So if you are thinking of doing something, go right ahead. You don’t fail, you only learn, and if you end up disappointed, you have the experience and the memories to look back on. In life, we live and we learn, and you’re not living if you remain in your comfort zone; and therefore, you’re not really learning.

African child, carry yourself as a brand, market it and make it evident that you are the brand to consider. If you have a talent, explore it, if you see an opportunity, take it, and if you have a dream, chase it. I often struggle with writing personal pieces, but in an attempt to motivate a fellow brother/sister, here I am, putting myself out there. I believe that every person’s dream is valuable, but only to the extent that you are willing to chase it. Don’t let other people discourage you from doing what you love, even if it’s your parent, best friend or spouse, because ultimately it is you who has to live with the consequences of the decisions that you are making now.

Being a young adult, you may need a lot of support and advice, but that should not be the basis of your decision. It is okay to seek guidance, but sometimes you need to colour outside the lines and be free-spirited in your decision-making. Not everyone is going to support you and that is okay, because it is about and you need to motivate and cheer yourself on, if you are determined to get to the finish line. One strange thing is that on my first day everybody at NMH kept wishing me good luck and I was not sure how to feel about that. In the same light, good luck to everybody pursuing their dreams, and while you’re doing that, I’ll be in The Zone.

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