In his prime

The dynamic artist is hosting an album listening session coupled with a fashion show tonight at Kalahari Jazz Café.

21 February 2020 | Art and Entertainment

Kevo Maro has had a pretty impressive journey since joining DBS Africa. A few years ago, the rising super star signed on the contractual dotted line, and in less than five years has built enough hype to secure a tjil cover. Not only is this impressive, but it is testament to how determination and a good support system can take you anywhere.

What story do you tell on your first album? The project that will set the foundation for your career and either gain or lose you fans? The work that sets the first impression, like the first encounter on a blind date.

Do you play it safe and tell the story of cash, cars and cuties so as not to scare people with uncomfortable truths and sincerity, or do you tell a true story?

In conversation with tjil, Kevo Maro announced that his debut album will be released next Thursday, 27 February. He added that initially he started working on this body of work as an EP but during the recording process, his management realised that the EP was of album quality. “Even though labelling this project as an album came with its pressures, when I was working on it, I did not treat it as such. It was just music I usually do, with a little more intention and direction.

“I am proud of myself, I didn't think we were going to pull it off. But I am yet to process it all,” the artist said.

Titled Hella Dilemma, the album highlights some of the challenges he encountered while making the project. The young musician shared that the selection process was the challenging part. “I recorded close to 40 songs and only 12 of those made it onto the album. I am telling a story and it needs to be concise because this is just the beginning,” he said.

He mentioned that he choose to release the album at the beginning of the year so that he can have something to promote the entire year. “Hella Dilemma is a beautiful and timeless body of work. I say this because I made it so I know what I am talking about.

“I want my fans to stop asking me when I am dropping my next single and rather compliment me on the choice of singles I will shoot music videos for during the course of the year,” shared Maro.

On being part of DBS Africa, he told tjil that he is fortunate enough to have a supportive record label behind him. He said they were very involved, adding that there were days he felt like the project was taking too much out of him, but his management did a lot to help him along the way.

“My management was very involved in making sure I am mentally sound and made sure that the music sounds right and is up to standard.

“I feel like it was a team effort and I cannot take all the credit. My team was just as involved in the journey as I was.”

On what his followers can look forward to for tonight's listening session, he said incorporated a fashion show as well because music and fashion have always been closely related, and bringing those two elements together would maximise the impact of the session. “That is why we have Leone Shimuketa of Sirenga and other fashion designers doing well in the fashion space on board. Expect to see fire fashion pieces from Sirenga,” promised Maro.

Shimuketa told tjil she is excited to be part of the event as this is another platform for her to share her stylish pieces with a community that takes fashion seriously. “I am happy to be a part of this journey,” she said.


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