Impressive tennis showcased

The junior players impressed spectators with their impressive skills.

08 October 2019 | People

The National Tennis Association (NTA) teamed up with Trustco to host a very exciting and successful junior tennis tournament.

With a whopping 70 entries and 19 tennis courts, the NTA is proud to host this event each month.

This fantastic initiative increases the profile of tennis and plays a significant role in nurturing sport in Namibia.

Tennis players from under-10 to u-18 impressed the spectators, showing off thrilling tennis skills.

The finals started on Saturday, with Risto Shikongo winning the boys’ u-18 singles title. He beat Oliver Diggle 6-4 and 7-6. Megan Lombardt won the girls’ u-19 singles.

Daneel van der Walt secured first position in the u-16 boys’ competition, with Lorenzo Brinkman in second place, while Albertus Brinkman won the bronze medal.

Raica Coelho, a thirteen-year-old from Windhoek was tough competition for Lisa Yssel in the girl u-16 girls’ event, but Yssel secured the gold with a 6-4 and 6-1 winning score.

Eleven-year-old Adam Diggle won the final round of the u-14 boys’ event, with a convincing victory of 6-4 and 6-3 over Ruben Nel. Juan Kuhn secured third place. The u-14 girls’ also saw some tough competition, but Dominique Theron won the final against Hayley Kidd with a score of 6-4 and 6-1. Vimbayi Musavengana ended in third place.

Ten-year-old Lian Kuhn surprised to seal victory with a score of 6-4, 1-6 and 6-4 over Ruben Yssel in the u-12 boys’ final.

Ruan Calitz took third place. Ayanda Basson, also a ten-year-old, won the gold medal with a comfortable win over Karla Terblanche in the final of the u-12 girls’ section. Odysia Karaerua walked away with the bronze medal.

The boys and girls u-10 players were in it to win it and Mimi Moyo took gold in the girls’ section and Johan Theron in the boys’ competition.

The doubles results were as follows:

Girls’ u-10

Winners - Mimi Moyo and Joavinia Bezuidenhoudt

Runners-up - Mari Vermeulen and Leone Weyers

Girls’ u-12:

Winners - Karla Terblanche and Santie van der Walt

Runners-up - Clara Roets and Zenia Plarre

Boys’ u-12:

Winners - Ruben Yssel and Ruan Calitz

Runners-up - Antonio Tchivanda and Liam Forster

Girls’ u-14:

Winners - Dominique Theron and Hayley Kidd

Runners-up - Eila Kambonde and Sesilia Kalumba

Boys’ u-14

Winners - Adam Diggle and Heilinge Ruben

Runners-up - Juan Kuhn and Ruben Nel

Girls’ u-16:

Winners - Raica Coelho and Laruska Kruger

Runners-up - Sute Tjombe and Sytisha Goagoses

Boys’ u-16

Winners - Lorenzo Brinkman and Albertus Brinkman

Runners-up - Samuel Mayinoti and Jaco Becker

U-18 doubles:

Winners - Risto Shikongo and Megan Lombardt

Runners-up - Oliver Diggle and Mike Kambonde

This event was once again the result of great talent, hard work and dedication.

The NTA wishes to thank Trustco for continually supporting junior tennis in Namibia. The NTA organisers and coordinators are looking forward to the next NTA tournament.

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