Iingangamithi yoomiliyona 5.4 ya kwatwa ko muApilili

09 May 2019 | Crime

Opolisi oya tula miipandeko aafekelwa ye li po 99 nokukwatako iingangamithi yongushu yoomiliyona 5.4 momwedhi Apilili.

Omukanda ngoka gwa pitithwa oshiwike shika ogwa holola kutya mokati kaafelekwa 99 mboka ya tulwa miipandeko, AaNamibia oye li 88, aakwashigwana yaAngola yatatu, aakwashigwana yaCongo yatatu oshowo omukwashigwana gumwe gwaSouth Afrika naaTanzania yane.Mokati kiingangamithi mbyoka ya kwatwako omwa kwatelwa ococaine yongushu yoN$8 200, oshowo uusila wococaine woogram 14 wongushu yooN$7 000.

Opolisi oya kwatako oopela dhomandraxa 418 dhongushu yooN$50 160.

Okwa kwatwa woo omayaka goYes gongushu yooN$8 000.

Omwaalu ogundji gwiingangamithi mbyoka ya kwatwako kopolisi muApilili ogo cannabis oshowo iimeno yocannabis.

Ookilograma dhocannabis dhi li po 531 dhongushu yomomapandanda yoomiliyona 5.3 odha kwatwako omanga oograma dhiimeno yocannabis dhi Iipo 20 dhongushu yooN$200, dha kwatwako.

Okuya pehulilo lyaApilili opolisi oya tula miipandeko omunamimvo 63 popepi noMariental ngoka aadhika noocannabis dhoograma 135 dhongushu yoshimaliwa shooN$ 1 300.

Ethimbo lya faathana, opolisi moMariental natango oya kwatwwako oondjato ntano dhi na ocannabis, oopela dhomandrax 26 dha topolwa miitandu, oopela dhomandrax 13 natango dha topolwa miitandu metata, oshowo oopela dhoka dhuudha dhi li 15. Iingangamithi mbyoka oyongushu yomomapandanda yooN$ 3 360, na oya adhika komulumentu gwoomvula 29.

Otaku ningwa woo omahololomadhilaadhilo moshilongo, moka aalongithi yiingangamithi taya pula epangelo opo li tule paveta elongitho lyiingangamithi yocannabis.


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