Husselmann joins InTouch team
Husselmann joins InTouch team

Husselmann joins InTouch team

Casey Husselmann recently joined the Namibia Media Holdings family as a junior animator for InTouch Interactive Marketing.
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Iréne-Mari van der Walt

Namibia Media Holdings (NMH) recently announced the appointment of Casey Husselman as a junior animator under InTouch Interactive Marketing. Husselman obtained his BSc in animation and multimedia from CT University in Punjab, India.

Husselmann explains that he originally intended only to accompany his cousin in finding a course that would take their interest, but discovered that CT University offered a course he was interested in pursuing. Before pursuing animation as a career, Husselman worked in the finance sphere as a bank teller.

“I’m loving it here. What I’m doing now is actually what I studied and I knowing your work obviously makes a difference,” he says.

Husselman says he was initially inspired by cartoon animations to become and animator. “Obviously as a child I liked children’s cartoons but now I enjoy shows like Rick & Morty and Archer,” he says.

He dreams of getting more involved in videography and getting more involved in videography and widen his experience by meeting more people. He would also like to sharpen his animation skills by bettering his work in imitating natural and realistic movement through animation.

Ulla Tshikesho, the key accounts manager for InTouch, says Husselman has been a valuable addition to their team. “I think he shows a lot of potential. One of his best traits is that he is a very fast learner,” she says.

Tshikesho foresees that Husselman has the potential to become one of InTouch’s leading animators and commends his ability to work under pressure.

“I don’t know how he does it, but he’s always just calm,” she says.

InTouch Interactive Marketing is the digital media brand under NMH which was acquired by the media giant in 2016. Since this, NMH has offered clients and consumers a product that is better integrated onto online and digital platforms.

InTouch has also developed a number of the leading apps in Namibia.


Namibian Sun 2023-05-29

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