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10 January 2020 | Others

SPCA looks back at 2019

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) took in 3 685 animals during 2019, which is equivalent to 10 animals per day.

As they reflect on the year that was, they are grateful for all of the ways their supporters helped - be it through being a member, adopting an animal, donating on a monthly or annual basis, volunteering or simply educating others about the importance of animal welfare for all animal species.

Their inspectors collected a total of 1 445 animals off the streets and surrendered from various homes. In any given year, the SPCA receives more animals during certain seasons and usually April to May and October to November are the periods that have seen a higher number of intakes.

In November 2019, they received a record of 398 animals in one month. “We desperately hope that this is a once-off trend that does not continue, and that people realise that adopting an animal from a shelter truly makes a difference, even if just for that one particular animal,” the SPCA said.

The animals in their care received much-needed medical attention and 3 009 vaccines were administered, while 554 sterilisations were performed. The good news is that the SPCA has experienced a 22% increase in their adoption rate in 2019 when compared to 2018.

Variety of Animals

Many might think the SPCA only takes in cats and dogs, and while they do make up a vast majority of animals received, the SPCA also took in 142 animals of 'other' species last year. This includes donkeys, horses, cattle, raptors such as hawks, owls and eagles, small wild birds, bats, dassies, mongooses, meerkats, porcupines, turtles, tortoises and so much more. The SPCA works with a foster network for large animals and with the support of the ministry of environment and tourism and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centres for wild animals, they try to ensure the best outcome for each animal.

New Initiatives

One of the exciting initiatives of 2019 was the launch of Dixie's Fund, inspired by an injured puppy in need of veterinary help and surgery. The fund is a restricted account used to support the necessary and extraordinary medical and veterinary expenses the SPCA animals need.

The volunteer programme has grown and become more formalised, both for the safety of their volunteers and animals. Their Humane Education Programme continues to guide hundreds of children each year and has reached over 1 170 children through school and SPCA visits in six months alone. The donor and sponsor programme has been revamped to ensure the SPCA gives back as well.

Cases of Neglect and Cruelty

The SPCA tries to protect the public from the secondary trauma of seeing severely sick, injured, neglected and abused animals that come in weekly by voluntary measures or through confiscation. Unfortunately, some are so severely diseased or injured that nothing more can be done for them by the time they come to the SPCA. That is why they rejoice all the more in cases when they can help them through veterinary care and behavioural rehabilitation.

Heart-Warming Stories and Transformations

Gummy was a young puppy that was confiscated due to severe abuse. He was kicked and beaten so badly by his owner that his hind leg was broken. The SPCA confiscated the puppy and opened a case of animal cruelty. Through surgery and rehabilitation, Gummy found joy in life again and recovered well from extensive surgery. He was one of the lucky ones and soon found his forever home.

Another dog, a six-month-old puppy they named Brave, was brought to the SPCA after being severely attacked by another dog. He had multiple puncture wounds that needed to be flushed regularly and a large open gash, which ended up needing several surgeries. He was also treated for infection due to the severity of his injuries.

Today, Brave is a happy puppy who went home just before the New Year.

There have been some extraordinary transformations, not only in physical condition, but in the trust in people the mistreated animals gain during their time at the SPCA.

Rusho is one of those animals. He came to the SPCA in a severely neglected state. He was a ‘walking skeleton’ and suffered from tick-bite fever and diarrhoea – a life-threatening combination. He was treated by the veterinarian and slowly started to gain weight. Rusho has now found a happy home.

A Word of Appreciation

Every person who adopts animals, volunteers for animals, donates toward the animals, educates others about animals and/or is a member of the SPCA contributes in their own way, whether as a private individual or a corporate business, to the life of the organisation. They are the pulse of the SPCA and what makes this possible. They save lives through their actions and are all heroes in the eyes of animals.

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