Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard

The resilient Helvi Naruseb tells Careers about her journey with Bank Windhoek.

01 October 2021 | People

Desiree Gases

Born in Otjiwarongo, Helvi Naruseb came from a loving family and she has four brothers and one sister. Naruseb finished high school at Outjo High School in 1996. She completed an Associate Diploma in Credit (IOB, SA) in 2003, MDP (Stellenbosch) in 2005, Cert: Accounting & Finance NUST in 2009, Graduate Cert. in Management Australian Institute of Business in 2019, MBA (Fin) Australian Institute of Business in 2021.

While at school, Naruseb was scouted by Bank Windhoek to join their CPT programme in 1997. She started at head office and then joined the Tsumeb branch and moved to Otjiwarongo branch. In 2000, Naruseb resigned and joined Standard Bank in Walvis Bay. In 2005 she became manager of credit origination at corporate banking – exposed to the fishing and related industries. In 2008 she re-joined Bank Windhoek on the ATP programme, after which Naruseb joined the bank’s Swakopmund branch as credit manager.

As a credit manager Naruseb’s duties entail evaluating counter-party credit risks associated with Bank Windhoek lending and investment activities at the client interface, with the primary objective to contain credit risk within acceptable parameters.

Careers asked Naruseb about some of the challenges and achievements she has faced in her career. “Seeing how the branch evolved over the years, growing from strength to strength. Being pleased and part of my colleagues’ career growth. Most importantly, being part of a winning team at the branch and group level. The pandemic has brought some challenges to the table, seeing thriving and growing businesses being impacted by the disruption. Yet being positive and helping our customers and teams pull through the most trying times. Managing the office with few staff members, yet realising that no one is spared by the pandemic. We just have to remain resilient and give our best each day, knowing and appreciating that each member plays a vital role,” she said.

10 Facts about Helvi Naruseb

· Self-starter

· Motivator

· Fitness junkie

· Loves dancing

· Leader by nature

· Firm believer in quality education

· People’s person

· Loves family

· Part-time farmer

· Loves cooking and entertaining

· Wife with three children, and a mother to many.

As a message to the youth, Naruseb said: “Small steps in the right direction are best. Remember that hard work never kills anyone. There are endless opportunities in life, just remain focused and claim them.”

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