Hamuntu ta hulitha koMalaria – Haufiku

13 November 2018 | Health


Ominista yUundjolowele nOnkalonawa, Bernhard Haufiku okwa popi kutya hamuntu ta hulitha onga oshizemo shomukithi gwoMalaria, ngoka hagu vulu okuyandwa na ohagu pangwa woo.

Haufiku okwa popi kutya kehe omvula nomvula ohaku lopotwa omiyalu tadhi limbilike dhiipotha yomukithi ngoka oshowo omiyalu dhaamboka ya hulitha komukithi ngoka, nonando ongaaka minista okwa holola omaiyuvo ge kutya kape na andola omuntu e na oku sa komukithi ngoka.

Haufiku okwa popi kutya nonando iipotha yomaso omolwa Malaria oya gu pevi sigo oopresenda 90, oopresenda 10 dhoka dha hupako, kape na ngoka e na okuhulitha omolwa omukithi ngoka.

Minista okwa popi kutya okwa hala opo omukuthi ngoka gu hulithwe po sigo opoopresenda 0, na kehe gumwe okwa pumbwa okukala e li megameno okuza komukithi ngoka.

Haufiku okwa popi ngaaka mEtitano momukunda Kayengona moshitopolwa shaKavango East pethimbo kwa dhimbulukiwa oSouthern Africa Development Community (SADC) Malaria Awareness Day.

Oshituthi shoka osha dhimbulukiwa kohi yoshipalanyolo ‘SADC Unite to End Malaria’

Haufiku natango okwa pula kutya otashi ende ngiini mbela sho omukithi gwoMalaria gwa li gwa lopotwa iipotha yi li 3 000 momvula yo 2012, ngashiingeyi kwa lopotwa iipotha yi li po 66 000.

“Otwa ningi epuko peni na oshike tatu ningi kashi li mondjila molwaashoka ope na eyooloko enene pokati ko 3 000 no 66 000.”

Iitopolwa yaKavango oyimwe yomiitopolwa yi li moshiponga oshinene shomukithi ngoka, sho mwa lopota kutya omo mu na oomwe odhindji ndhoka hadhi humbata omukithi ngoka, okwa pula aakuthimbinga ayehe ya kondje molugodhi ndyoka lwokukondjitha oMalaria.

Moonkambadhala tadhi ningwa opo ku hulithwe po Malaria, minista okwa holola okuuva nayi kwe omolwa aakwashigwana yamwe po mboka inaya hala okulongela kumwe naanambelelwa mboka haya ende nomagumbo taya pombele opombela yoIndoor residual spraying (IRS).

Haufiku okwa popi kutya ope na aantu yamwe mboka yiitala miifundja mbyoka hayi popiwa kutya opombela ndjoka yoIRS, otayi ya ningitha opo kaya mone we uunona.

Okwa tsu omukumo opo AaNamibia ayehe ya pitike omagumbo gawo nomidhigoloko dhawo dhi pombelwe noIRS yo taya longitha woo oonete opo yiigamene kaya like koomwe.

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