Golden jubilee

From humble beginnings, AI Steenkamp Primary School has gone from strength to strength.

26 February 2019 | Education

Michelline Nawatises

AI Steenkamp Primary School started with 13 classrooms, 227 learners and five teachers 50 years ago.

Currently the school has over 1 400 learners, 49 teachers, six institutional workers, two secretaries.

The school has groomed learners who are great leaders today.

It celebrated its 50th anniversary or golden jubilee under the theme ‘Appreciating the past, celebrating the future and inspiring the future’.

Many can testify that former pupils are occupying high-flying jobs in offices and are the backbone of the country's economy, as well as the education, political and development spheres.

The school has a unique formula for educational success. This includes expectations, academically and behaviourally, no excuses and no exceptions.

The common denominator underlying every well-performing school and teacher is having a strong will and high expectations to bring out the best in students, whether at a public or private institution.

AI Steenkamp sets the bar high and holds everyone accountable and to the same level, in order to get results. Economic hardships and vulnerability doesn't have to resign the students to academic failure.

Ben Amadhila, a retired politician and a product of Augustineum, now known as A I Steenkamp, was a guest speaker and was delighted to join the school its celebration.

He shared with parents, teachers and learners his recollection of some of the things that mattered during his education

Augustineum was the creation of missionaries from various parts of Europe, principally German missionaries, and the name Augustineum was taken from the town of Augusta Treverorum.

“Let me equally take this opportunity to congratulate you as a school on your 50th anniversary, it is quite an achievement when we look at the circumstances under which we are operating and the background we are coming from,” he said.

“All of us sitting here at one stage or another, were at a level that you are today to learn, to learn and to learn.”

Amadhila said nobody came in this world with the skills and understanding and experiences.

AI Steenkamp principal Rudolfine Kamahene overflowed with joy as she showed the audience the previous principals.

“Dearest learners of AI Steenkamp I want you to remember today… I want to see each and every one of you being high-flyers in your generation.”

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