Getting candid with Prisca Anyolo

This TV presenter, model, make-up artist and student takes her work as seriously as she does her looks.

12 February 2021 | Art and Entertainment



With so many titles to her name, tjil caught up with TV presenter, model, make-up artist and student Prisca Anyolo as she shares her secrets to balancing her frantic schedule in the ever-busy show business.

You may know her from the popular Namibian Sun show [email protected], but Anyolo is so much more than just a presenter. Sharing her trick to committing her time in pursuit of her various dreams, she said she’s grateful this is her last year of studies to obtain an honours degree in journalism. Crazy is an understatement when it comes to describing her everyday schedule, she said.

“Besides being a make-up artist, I just established two new businesses in addition to running Ngoma Glam, and also decided to put my financial literacy to the test and invest in the stock market as well, so as to create as many successful streams of income as possible.”

Anyolo believes doing what you love makes life a bit easier, adding that that she is driven by her passion, making money and constantly educating herself.

“The key is knowing when to prioritise what,” she said.

Beauty queen

On entering Miss Namibia 2021, the model told tjil the entire experience thus far has been absolutely exhilarating.

Grateful for the tremendous support Namibians have shown her on social media, she said: “I am overwhelmed by the pure and good intentions from loved ones and strangers who want to see me win so badly. Not only in this beauty pageant, but also in life”.

She added that her overall goal is to put Namibia on the map through modelling, and to change the narrative when it comes to how our country is viewed, understood and respected in the international scene. “Winning Miss Namibia would allow me to have a real shot at securing the Miss World, Miss Universe or any other equally prestigious title, which I truly believe I am capable of. This is not so much about me but rather about my country and what I can do for it.”

Caring heart

When asked what it means for her to be a young Namibian woman being able to do what she does, it’s clear that she hasn’t let her achievements get to her head.

“As much I love being a dynamic, go-getting, shea-butter and coconut oil-infused young Namibian businesswoman, creative and academic woman, there is still a long way to go before I can truly claim to be content with what I do.

“Living in such a high climate of gender-based violence, the situation stifles my freedom and happiness, and countless of others’ as well, who’ve had to die at the hands of this revolting societal ill,” she said.

If she wasn’t in the media and fashion industry, Anyolo believes she would be a farmer and a volunteer at the Cheetah Conservation Camp.

She added she has always had a deep concern for Namibian wildlife. “I am just amazed at the beauty of the vulnerable yet powerful cheetah and want to contribute as much as I can to protecting it.”

On Valentine’s Day

To end off our conversation, tjil asked Anyolo on her take on Valentine’s Day and what it means to her.

She said for her, Valentine’s is another intelligent capitalist trap that endorses a consumerist culture, using emotions to fuel an obsession of buying material goods and items for loved ones on the premise of “love”.

“Yet my more positive side sees this as a season that comes around every year to remind us to appreciate our loved ones and spoil them - not necessarily materialistically - all the time instead of only on 14 February,” she said.

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