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German man accused of child molestation

Herma Prinsloo


A German national is behind bars after a police investigation into his suspicious relationship with girls from villages in the Kunene Region.

Flick Ramon (50) had been seen on several occasions with girls from the Himba and Themba tribes in their traditional attire.

He allegedly kept them for two days at a location in Opuwo under the pretence of doing research for an envisaged orphanage which he allegedly planned to open in 2022.

The community became suspicious of Ramon’s relationship with the girls between the ages of eight and 11 and alerted the police.

Upon receiving statements from some of the girls and their parents, the police arrested Ramon on 28 November.


Ramon faces two charges for contravening the Combatting of Immoral Practice Act and the Child Protection Act.

He made his first appearance in the Opuwo Magistrate’s Court the day after his arrest and the case was postponed to 17 January, when he will be allowed to apply for bail.

Ramon is said to have been in Tanzania before coming to Namibia

“Since his arrival in Opuwo, he was spotted with Himba and Themba girls at surrounding villages,” said Detective Chief Inspector Frederick Vejaruka Samuel, who is the complainant on behalf of the State in the case.

He confirmed that the 11 girls Ramon had been in contact with have been returned to their parents’ care.

Samuel added that there may be more girls involved, as Ramon had been travelling to villages in the region.

Samuel could not reveal any further details of the case, as the investigation is ongoing.

According to the website of the envisaged children’s home, Papa Ramon’s Hope Kids was established “to provide education to children in northern Namibia, focusing primarily on girls, because they’re usually not given an opportunity to attend school.”

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Namibian Sun 2023-05-29

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