Geingob miikumungu yaDRC

Okwa holoka omaiyuvo kutya ngele Omupresidende Hage Geingob okwa pumbwa okuninga oshindji kombinga yiikolokosha yaDRC, mbyoka ya landula omahogololo gopashigwana ngoka ga ningwa moshilongo moka.

04 January 2019 | Africa

Otaku ningilwa omathiminiko omunashipundi gwoSADC, Namibia oshowo omupresiende Hage Geingob opo a tule miilonga omathaneko ge gaAgrika omupe pakuulika uuleli we omolwa omakuyunguto ge na sha nomahogololo gaDRC.

Namibia okwa tegelelwa a ninge omahogololo ge omatiheyali, na okwa tegelelwa a gandje oshiholelwa kenenevi unene sho Geingob e li omunashipundi.

Sho a ningi omunashipundi omvula ya piti, Geingob okwa kwashilipaleke aaleli kutya otaka hwahwameka elundululo lyuuleli pambili nokuyanda iikolokosha.

Ngashiingeyi aantu ayehe oye mu tala omeho ya tegelela a kandule po iikolokosha mbyoka yi li moDRC oshilongo sha kala niikolokosha uule woomvula odhindji noonkondo, niikolokosha oya etithwa ketindo lyokugandja oshipundi shuuleli pambili.

Ndumba Kamwanyah okwa popi kutya kape na omalimbililo kutya Geingob ota vulu okudhana onkandangala mokweeta ombili moshilongo shoka pakugandja omayele meeto lyombili.

Omutseyinawa gwiikwaveta yekotampango Nico Horn okwa popi kutya ope na oshishona shoka Geingob ta vulu okuninga onga omunashipundi gwoSADC. Okwa popi kutya omahogololo gaDRC oguudha uulingilingi owundji wa longwa onkene osha ningitha oshidhigu aantu yiidhope mo momahogololo

Omuprofessa gwaSouth Afrika, Nixon Kariithi oku na einekelo kutya SADC ke na oshindji shoka ta vulu okuninga kakele kokutalela omahogololo.


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