Fresh and Popping - Spring edition

Add these exciting songs to your summer playlist.

13 September 2019 | Art and Entertainment

How blessed is 2019? In terms of music this year we are getting more than we deserve. What is the term to use when one gets something one doesn't deserve? Grace – that's what. But hey, who is really to say that we don't deserve the amount plus the quality of songs we are getting right? Anyway, we are back with this month's segment of Fresh and Popping to drop some brief reviews of memorable songs that were gifted to us recently. In case the hustle got you completely lost, here are the latest songs and the reasons you should add them to your playlist.

Yes – LMPC

LMPC is one generous musician who keeps dishing out new music on a very consistent basis. His latest song Yes got positive responses from various social media streets when it recently dropped. If you still do not have this song on your playlist or do not stream it on a regular basis, you are missing out on impressive punch lines.

Shaya – Gazza featuring B-Red

Lifted from his latest album Misunderstood, Shaya is the song Gazza has decided to push as a single; it must have been a tough decision to make seeing that there are other songs on the album that deserve the same attention. The music video has been out for about three weeks now and has garnered over 123 000 views on YouTube so far. This song deserves an honourable mention on the list because Chelete was a huge success, so we can't wait to see how far this song goes.

Nci Nci - M-Gee ft Yamukongo, Zondie and Jittah

Released on 30 August on Donlu Africa, Nci Nci is a December celebratory song. The music video was published on 4 September on YouTube. The fashion styling is the impressive thing about the music video. As every decade is bound to experience a revival on the fashion scene, the styling of this music video is a reminder that there is no present without a glorious past. The whole vintage style complements the lyrics very well. With a video already out this song is bound to be a summer anthem if promoted well.

Squad Anthem - D-Jay ft Rich Eagle

Squad Anthem is a brotherhood song. It has so many lines you can use as captions for Instagram photos with your group of friends. On this song the two uses the art of rap to appreciate their friends. It is a well-executed song with well-polished verses and pristine production. Rich Eagle and D-Jay seem to be getting along so well on their features, maybe it's time they consider doing a joint project together - that would be amazing.

Last Night - Lioness ft Young DLC and Dizzo

It is music galore for Lioness this year. She released Last Night three weeks ago and before going to print the music video has garnered 11 373 views on YouTube. Last Night is available on various digital platforms and at the rate she has been releasing music this year, you better have it on repeat now before she follows it up with another banger.


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