Freedom Plaza complete by year-end

United Africa Group's multi-billion-dollar development in Windhoek's city centre should be completed before the end of the year.

16 March 2017 | Business

United Africa Group's Freedom Plaza in the Windhoek city centre represents the largest private property investment in Namibian history.

The precinct is comprised of seven erven and includes notable international brands such as the Hilton Hotel and First National Bank of Namibia.

“On completion approximately N$3.5 billion will have been invested in this development,” said Philip Young, United Africa Group's general manager for real estate and property development.

According to Young, United Africa Group will strive to create a liveable urban development characterised by parks, open public spaces, views and quality commercial, retail, residential and hospitality-related premises.

He also believes that Freedom Square will provide an unparalleled living, work and play environment within the inner city, encouraging economic development.

“By creating an inviting space which serves the public needs of Windhoek, a sustainable city for all can be ensured,” Young says.

Current construction activities include the 1990 mixed-use development and Hilton Garden Inn. The 1990 development will add 114 high-end apartments and approximately 2 000 square metres of retail and commercial space to the city centre, Young says.

The Hilton Garden Inn will offer 180 hotel rooms. The hotel will expand on the luxurious offerings provided by Hilton Windhoek and ensure optimal business interest with innovative conferencing and meeting spaces.

The construction of 1990 and the Hilton Garden Inn will be completed this year and the hotel will open in the first quarter of 2018.

Finding a parking bay in the city centre will no longer be a problem when the development is completed. “Freedom Square will provide in excess of 2 000 parking bays to the public, of which the first 300 will be handed over shortly. The provision of such a large number of parking bays will be of significant benefit to the city,” Young says.

According to Young, United Africa Group enjoys the support of many partners which include Wasserfall Munting Architects and the construction professionals Stefanutti Stocks Namibia and China Jiangsu International.

“The financial support of the Haddis and Martha Namundjebo Trust, the Development Bank of Namibia, ABSA Bank, Vantage Capital and the purchasers of 1990 allow this prestigious development to continue through this challenging economic environment, providing much-needed employment to more than 500 local labourers and their countless suppliers, supporters and family members,” says Young.

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