Fourteen years of children's joy

For the last fourteen years, the truly Namibian company Ohlthaver & List brought Christmas joy for underpriviledged children.

04 December 2018 | Cultural

Tanja Bause – The Ohlthaver & List group of companies recently hosted a Christmas party for orphaned and vulnerable children in Windhoek for the 14th consecutive year.

According to Patricia Hoeksema, from Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL), the idea of hosting a children’s Christmas party was born when she started working for the company.

“We were inundated with requests form orphanages, kindergartens and community angels who reached out to corporate Namibia for help. They wanted to give these children a moment of happiness with a little Christmas party. We thought it better to host one big party rather than giving something here or there. We have this big lawn here on our premises, and so, the first party was organised,” she said.

NBL contacted other companies in the group for help, and Windhoek Schlachterei, NamDairies and Pick n Pay got on board from the word “go”.

“A few years later we changed the name from NBL Christmas Party to the O&L Orphans & Vulnerable Christmas party, as the whole group was involved.”

The coastal companies also got involved and the 10th Christmas party at the coast was held this year.

A number of external business partners supported the party.

“In the past we’ve always included a lot of slip n slide water fun for the children, which was a highlight for them. Unfortunately, due to water restrictions in the past few years, we had to cut down to only a few activities, but the children still enjoy a proper party with lots of food, fun and entertainment. Of course, Father Christmas comes past each year to hand out sweets, presents and cake,” she said.

Over the years children form different organisations, orphanages and kindergartens have been part of the party.

“In the past two years we’ve decided to invite schools.

“Sponsors over the years have been very supportive of the event. Whether it’s NBL providing Fruitree and Vigo, Namibia Dairies sponsoring Oshikandela, Hangana sponsoring fish fingers, Broll sponsoring jumping castles and slip n slides, Pick n Pay sponsoring a giant cake or cupcakes and hotdogs, Windhoek Schlachterei providing Viennas, Dimension Data, O&L Leisure and Weathermen & Co sponsoring ice-cream cones, candy floss, or face painting, this event brings the O&L family together by bringing happiness to orphaned and vulnerable children who deserve being spoiled with all the love and care we can give them. They need to know they are special and loved, and that is what the O&L OVC is all about,” Hoeksema said.

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