Fervently lawful

Beverly #Khita-a Silas sees every juncture as a new miracle of vigorous unfolding.

22 November 2019 | Justice

Justicia Shipena

Beverly #Khita-a Silas was recently appointed as the legal officer in the directorate of legal services at the ministry of justice.

Vivacious Beverly, hailing from Khorixas and a member of the Hai//om San community, attended Cornelius Goreseb High School and Welwitschia Junior Secondary School before completing Grade 12 at Outjo Secondary School.

“When I completed high school in 2012, my aim was to enrol for a bachelor of law degree but unfortunately, I couldn’t enrol because my marks fell one point short so instead I opted to do a diploma in paralegal studies in 2013.”

She completed the diploma in 2014 before enrolling for the bachelor of law degree five years ago, which she completed last year.

Silas told Careers that as a child she was always passionate about justice and her stubborn and argumentative nature just fuelled it more.

Her job as a legal officer at the institution entails handling extradition processes, issuing apostilles (a legal certification that makes a document from one country valid in another), drafting human rights state reports, processing requests for mutual legal assistance between Namibia and other countries, and requesting enforcement of maintenance orders and foreign civil judgements on behalf of foreign governments, as well as requests on behalf of Namibia.

“In all honesty, when I graduated I didn’t know where I would end up being employed, but when I saw the job description of my current job, it spoke to my mind, soul and everything that I am as a person. I knew that I would integrate and grow in the job,” she said.

She added that she is still in an infant stage of her career and so far she has not experienced major challenges. Before landing the job at the ministry, one of her challenges was a lack of internship opportunities, which she says “sort of stunts one’s legal growth in terms of practical legal experience”.

Her biggest achievement so far was completing her bachelor of law degree.

“I love working with people and seeing a smile and an expression of relief on their faces is something that gives me joy, therefore the issuing of apostilles is a favourite, plus the vast knowledge that I have learned in this short time through the processing of extradition requests and mutual legal assistance requests makes me eager to learn more.”

Silas says integrity, respect, confidentiality, tolerance and courteousness are essential in any working environment.

The best advice she has ever received was from Sir Manfret Boois, who said: “Do everything to the best of your ability, and be a vessel of integrity, humility and confidentiality.”

After work, she enjoys singing in the University of Namibia (Unam) choir and inspiring others.

“Outside of work I am a motivational speaker on issues surrounding God, celibacy and career guidance and I love reading,” she adds.

Silas plans to further her career by pursing a master’s degree in public/private international law and being admitted as a legal practitioner.

Her role model, Yvonne Dausab, always emphasises that law is a sophisticated, elegant but disciplined field which requires a high standard of character and ethics and one should by all means jealousy guard and uphold the reputation of the legal fraternity.

Her advice to unemployed graduates is that they should not despair because the frustrating transition period after graduation helps them build faith, character, humility and patience.

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