Exciting times for the local music scene

06 September 2019 | Columns

Cool, so I have gracefully just reached my 25th tjil edition, and again we thank you for the continuous support you give us on all platforms. Congratulations on purchasing this special issue of tjil - it is after all your story that made this happen. Whether your wrote us a guest writer piece, featured in the publication itself, emailed us your profile, invited us to your events or simply just purchased a copy of this publication every time it hit the shelves. You make tjil's existence possible and for that we applaud you.

What I have come to realise and accept is that tjil has grown beyond the point of just being considered a supplement publication; the tjil brand itself has transitioned into a cultural publication. Cultural in what sense? Namibian music culture.

It is the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) weekend, thus for the last few days I have been busy preparing and planning on how I am going to cover it – my present to you. tjil was never about me or tjil editors that came before me. From day one as tjil editor I had one goal in mind – and that was to develop, promote and preserve Namibian music; to build a legacy.

As an entertainment reporter I have had the privilege of seeing and documenting the growth of Namibian music along with my fellow music journalists, contributors, mentors and photographers. From a time when tjil had the gossip segment Pssst! to the explosion of the digital networking age, tjil has stood the test of time; a history book that has served our Namibian music heritage well. You can also describe tjil as a major distribution channel that has bridged the gap between Windhoek and smaller towns; a brand which has kept up with each new generation of Namibian music enthusiasts. As part of my preparation to cover the NAMAs I had to spend some times in our archives to see how those that came before me covered it.

I am super excited for tomorrow, it is my third year attending the NAMAs and I cannot wait to see how the event has improved this year from a production point of view. The categories have interesting nominees, some are obviously questionable but those are the categories we are anxiously waiting for. I would have given my predictions, but I will need an entire page for that because I will need to explain myself as to why those are my predictions. Another element I am looking forward to, is the performances. It was announced by the NAMA organising committee that all performances will be live; this is going to be the first live performances for certain artists. So this should be interesting. tjil will be there to bring you all the action as it unfolds from the blue carpet to the main show so stay glued to Namibian Sun's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay updated.

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