Even Father Christmas gets a holiday!

04 December 2018 | Cultural

Children at Delta Primary School discuss where Father Christmas likes to go on holiday and what life is like at the North Pole.

Anna Leonard (6)

“Once upon a time there lived a Father Christmas at the North Pole, who gave children a lot of presents. He was always smiling and he put some snow on the floor so the children could play and run around in it.

“He also liked to put his feet into the water, which had a lot of fish in it.

“He likes to go on holiday in Swakopmund where he likes to play in the sand.”

Kingsley Shigwetha (6)

“Father Christmas and his family, friends and friends of the family were living at the North Pole. There was also a family op panda bears living there, but they kicked the little panda bear out. The little panda was trying to find food, but he couldn’t find any and he nearly died. His family then came and gave him food and saved him.

“They then went to where Father Christmas was living to play with the children. The bears liked the human beings and they became friends. But one day the children were running and screaming, because a rhino was chasing them. The bears came to help them and a werewolf bit the rhino and it died.

“The humans and bears then packed up all their things and moved to Windhoek. They all moved into a house together with a lot of shelves with superheroes on, and lived happily ever after.”

Hopie Pwea (6)

“Father Christmas goes to Swakopmund for holiday. There he sits in the sun and relaxes. He also sometimes likes to put his feet in the water and he catches some fish. He is too old to play soccer.

“He also takes those glasses with which you can see very far and look for things (binoculars) to look for more presents. He cares about everyone and makes sure everyone in the whole world gets a nice present.”

Mikeson Mukete (6)

“Once upon a time there lived a Father Christmas at the North Pole. He lived there with a lot of deer and one polar bear. He throws snowballs at the deer and bear. He went to Windhoek and saw a lot of children there. He played with the children and gave them a lot of nice presents. He also took all the children to a farm where they played with the animals. Then all the children put on jackets, “Father Christmas didn’t need one, and they went to the North Pole to visit with the deer and polar bear.”

Cornelius Kisting (6)

“I think he likes to go to the beach for holiday but he does go to Lüderitz. There he sits under an umbrella on the beach and has a braai.

“He likes Namibia because there are a lot of smart kids here.

“At his home in the North Pole he likes to run in the snow.”

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