Essentials for red carpet styling

It is not easy to find out what you need to make sure you separate yourself from the rest. That's why so many people need a fashion stylist.

16 August 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Reinhard Mahalie's job description includes choosing and coordinating outfits for models in photo shoots, or actors in television and film, and choosing props and accessories and preparing them for shoots, as well as red carpet events. Following his Simply You Magazine Lifestyle and Fashion Awards (SYMLAFA) Favourite Stylist win last Saturday, Mahalie is now the most awarded and most nominated fashion stylist in Namibia.

Other big platforms that have acknowledged his work include the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFA) hosted in Uganda and the Icons Awards hosted in Nigeria. “My victories include the ASFA Stylist of the Year 2016 Southern Africa and Simply You Magazine Favourite stylist 2019.

“Also, my other nominations include the ASFA Stylist of the Year Africa 2017, SYMLAFA Stylist of the Year 2018 and Icons Fashion Awards Stylist of the Year 2018,” he shared.

Speaking on what informs his fashion sense, Mahalie shared that he draws inspiration from travelling, the person on the street and he also does a lot of research on the internet.

“I also just trust my instinct. As a fashion stylist you need to be able to think how to put outfits together and avoid repeating the same look.

“You need to push yourself to style all your clients differently and put something together suited to their personality and style,” said Mahalie.

Expounding on his job description, the stylist mentioned that he goes with the clients to measurements and fittings and also assists in picking out the fabrics. He is the middleman between the client and the designer. “I am more of the image consultant, I am the one who comes up with the concept as to what you are going to look like, the design of the outfit and more.

“I also assist with what hair or makeup would go with the look as well as look around for accessories and shoes that would go with the look,” he said.

Even though he mentioned that he styles everyone for most occasions, he stressed that his niche is red carpet styling - the glitz and the glamour. He recalled that growing up he always enjoyed watching red carpet award shows and would be inspired by the looks.

Besides being a fashion stylist, Mahalie is a banker and MC. “Balancing my time isn't really challenging for me because I dedicate my after hours and weekends to fashion styling. I also make sure to not overbook myself,” he said.


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