Elongo tali hiila ombelewa koshimaliwa shooN$400 000 komwedhi

Uuministeli welongo moshitopolwa shaHangwena otawu futu oshimaliwa shoomiliyona komvula mokuhiila oombelewa omanga iilonga yetungo lyoombelewa dhawo ya kalekwa omolwa iilonga yankundipala.

11 July 2019 | Ministries

Elelo lyoshitopolwa shaHangwena inali nyanyukilwa onkalo moka uuministeli welongo hawu futu oshimaliwa shooN$400 000 komwedhi onga ohiila yoombelewa mEenhana.

Oshikondo shelongo moHangwena osha tembuka okuza kOndangwa muKotomba gwomvula yo 2012, na osha kala tashi hiila moGreywall Complex.

Momvula yo 2016 uuministeli wa tameke etungo lyoombelewa yongushu yoomiliyona 57 mEenhana ndyoka kwa tegelelwa li kale lya pwa nuumvo, ihe opoloyeka ndjoka oya kankama manga, niilonga oya manithwa owala noopresenda 20.

Pethimbo lyoshipopiwa she shopashitopolwa shoka sha leshwa pehala lye komunashipundi gwelelo lyoshitopolwa shaHangwena, Ericsson Ndawanifa, Ngoloneya gwoshitopolwa shaHangwena, Usko Nghaamwa okwa holola okuuva nayi kwe omolwa omatungo goombelewa dhelongo oshowo okapangelogona kaNanghulo, ngoka taga ende kashona.

“Opoloyeka ndhoka mbali otashi hepeke iimaliwa yepangelo oyindji, unene oshikondo shelongo shoka tashi hiila kondando yi li pombanda unene. Nonando ongaaka etungo olya ethiwa manga na inashi yela kutya iilonga otayi tameke unake.”

Omukomeho gwelongo moshitopolwa shaHangwena, Isak Hamatwi okwa popi kutya ohaya futu oshimaliwa shooN$395 905.05 onga ohiila.

Okwa popi kutya okondalaka yiilonga mbyoka oya kalekwa kuuministeli wiilonga pakundathana nomutungi, ta popi kutya opoloyeka inayi ethiwa owala.

Okwa popi kutya ehulithepo lyiilonga olya hwahwamekwa kiilonga ya nkundipala mbyoka ya longwa popoloyeka ndjoka.

Omunambelewa gwOhangwena chief regional officer, Fellep Shilongo okwa popi kutya oombelewa dhuuministeli welongo odhili opoloyeka yepangelo onkene oshitopolwa itashi vulu okutya sha kombinga yopoloyeka ndjoka.


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