Elongitho lyiingangamithi moshilongo otali londo pombanda

08 November 2018 | Crime

Iingangamithi yoCannabis oyi li natango yimwe yomiingangamithi hayi longithwa noonkondo moNamibia, sho opolisi ya kwatako ookiligrama 39 dhiingangamithi mbyoka, yongushu yoomiliyona 1.95 muKotomba.

Iingangamithi yimwe ya kwatwako ongaashi cocaine powder, crack cocaine, Mandrax oshowo tik (crystal methamphetamine).

Iingangamithi yongushu yoomiiyona 2 oya kwatwako kopolisi kuKotomba omanga aafelewa 126 ya tulwa miipandeko shi na sha niipotha tayi kwatakanithwa niingangamithi.

Pahapu dhomunambelewa Omupopiliko gwOpolisi yaNamibia, Omupeha Komufala Edwin Kanguatjivi, opolisi oya kwatako iingangamithi yongushu yooN$1 976 820 omwedhi gwa piti.

Omiyalu ndhoka dha gandjwa kopolisi odha holola kutya oopela dhoMandrax 141 dhongushu yomomapandanda N$16 920 odha kwatwako muKotomba. Opolisi oya kwatako woo oograma 18.8 dhococaine dhongushu yooN$9 400 oshowo crack cocaine yongushu yooN$4 000. Iingangamithi yotik yongushu yoN$1 000 nayo oya kwatwako.

Oonakutulwa miipandeko 115 aakwashigwana yaNamibian oshoowo aakwashigwana yaAngola 8, omukwashigwana gumwe gwaBurundi, omuTanzania gumwe oshowo omukwashigwana gumwe gwaZambia.

Omiyalu dhoka otadhi ulike kutya elongitho lyiingangamithi moNamibia olya londa pombanda. MuJuni, iingangamithi yococaine yookg 412, yongushu yoomiliyona 206 oya kwatwako mOmbaye.

Oshifokundaneki shoNamibia Sun osha lopota kutya olopota yo 2017 World Drug Report oya holola kutya iingangamithi mbyoka unene hayi kwatwako moNamibia ongaashi crack, Mandrax oshowo dagga. Olopota oya holola kutya pokati komvula yo 2012 oshowo 2015 iingangamithi yocrack cocaine yi li po 2 525 oya kwatwako, omanga oopela dhoMandrax dhi li 8 346 Mandrax dha kwatwako. Okwa kwatwa woo ookilograma dho li 805 dhomarijuana.

Olopota ndjoka oya holola kutya metata lyomvula yo 2015 konyala etata lyaantu lyoobiliyona yimwe muuyuni ohaya longitha iingangamithi.

Omukomeho nale gwoshikondo sha nuninwa ekondjitho lyiingangamithi moshikondo shopolisi, Hermie van Zyl, okwa li a lombwele oNamibian Sun kutya montseyo ye sho a kala miilonga iingangamithi ya kwatwako miipotha oyindji ohayi kala yomwaalu gu li pevi. Okwa li a popi kutya iingangamithi yodagga oyo hayi longithwa unene omanga iitopolwa mbyoka mwa dhidhilikwa elongitho li li pombanda Khomas, Erongo nOshana.

Van Zyl okwa popi kutya iingangamithi yodagga oyo hayi longithwa unene molwaashoka oyi na ombiliha, niingangamithi yilwe ohayi longithwa kaantu shiikolelela kuukwatya wawo wopaiyemo.

Momusholondondo gwiingangamithi mbyoka hayi longitha moNamibia konima yodagga okwa landula ocrack cocaine oshowo Mandrax noEcstasy. Mbyoka unene ohayi adhika mOvenduka noSwakopo.


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