Egulu lya londa

18 February 2019 | Weather

Omuloka ngoka gwa kundu omwedhi Februali, okwa tengenekwa kutya itagu ka thikitha omwedhi pehulilo, na okwa tegelelwa onkalo yombepo ya kukuta sigo oshiwike shotango shomwedhi Maalitsa.

Olopota yonkalo yombepo ndjoka ya pitithwa komunambelewa gwokutengeneka onkalo yombepo moSantam South Africa, Johan van den Berg oya holola kutya itaku ka monika omata gomvula muumbugantu wenenevi sigo oshiwike oshitiyali shomwedhi twa taalela. Olopota oya tsikile kutya omuloka ngoka gwa monika petameko lyomwedhi nguka tuli, itagu kalelele unene miitopolwa yomuumbugantu waNamibia.

Nonando aanelago oya mono hewa omuloka omunene ngoka gwa hwepopaleke onkalo yoshikukuta , oyendji natango oya mono omuloka omushona nenge inaya lokwa nokuli.

Oshiwike sha piti, sha landula omuloka omunene ngoka gwa loko muumbugantu woshilongo, omiyelo dhondama yaNaute odha patululwa opo omeya gamwe ga pitemo.

Momaandaha, NamWater okwa tameke ta pititha mo omeya okuza mondama ndjoka moshitopolwa shaKaras konima sho ondjele yomeya ya pitilile poopresenda 104.

Molopota yiiwike ya piti ondjele ndjoka oya li poopresenda 61.7.

Nonando yamwe oya lokwa nawa petameko lyomwedhi, van den Berg okwa kunkilile kutya natango omuloka omunene ogwa pumbiwa opo onkalo yoshikukuta yi hwepopale. Nonando ongaaka okwa popi kutya onkalo yakukuta oya tegelelwa muumbugantu wenenevi mwakwatelwa Namibia sigo oshiwike oshitiyali shaMaalitsa.

Olopota yondjele yomeya moondama dhomoshilongo oya holola kutya ondama yaSwakoppoort mOmaandaha goshiwike sha piti oya li poopresenda 20.1, okuyeleka noopresenda 38.3 mpoka ya li pethimbo lya faathana omvula ya piti. Von Bach dam oya li poopresenda 49.3, Hardap dam oya li poopresenda 30.2% okuyeleka noopreesenda 50.4 mpoka ya li moshikako shomuloka gwa piti, pethimbo lya faathana.


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Egulu lya londa

7 months ago - 18 February 2019 | Weather

Omuloka ngoka gwa kundu omwedhi Februali, okwa tengenekwa kutya itagu ka thikitha omwedhi pehulilo, na okwa tegelelwa onkalo yombepo ya kukuta sigo oshiwike shotango shomwedhi...

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