Egandjo lyookota dhoohi inali ningwa natango

Uuministeli woohi noonzo dhomomeya otawu ka tseyitha omadhina gaaningi yomaindilo gookukwata oohi, mboka ya zi mo moshihogololitho, muule woomwedhi mbali twa taalela.

22 January 2019 | Fishing


Amushanga guuministeli mboka, Moses Maurihungirire, okwa popi kutya natango oyiipyakidhila nokuhogolola mo mboka taya ka pewa ookota ndhoka, mokati kaaningi yomaindilo ya thika po 5 100.

Omadhina gaaningi yomaindilo yeli po 5 176 ga Ii ga tseyithilwa oshigwana muNovemba gwomvula ya piti, nuuministeli pethimbo owali wa tseyitha kutya mboka ya zi mo moshihogololitho otaya ka tseyitha okuya pehulilo lyomvula nenge kuyele nuumvo.

Nonando ookota dhoka dhomaludhi ga thika poomugoyi inadhi tulwa po natango, omusholondondo gwaaningi yomaindilo otagu ulike kutya aantu ye li po 1 852 oya ninga omaindilo gookota dhoohake, omanga ye li pe 1 663 ya ninga omaindilo gokukwata oohorse mackerel nomahangano 6 99 oga ninga omaindilo gokukwata oomonkfish.

Omwaalu omushona gwaaningi yomaindilo ya thika pe 155 oya ninga omaindilo gorock lobster omanga 149 ya ninga omaindilo go line fish no 101 oya ninga omaindilo pelagic species, mwa kwatelwa otuna.

MuNovemba gwomvula ya piti, Ominista Bernhardt Esau oya tula miilonga omulandu omupe ngoka tagu ka longithwa mokuhogolola mboka taya ka za mo moshihogololitho nomulandu ngoka otagu ka tala woo kutya otaya pewa ookota dha thika pungapi.

Minista okwa popi kutya sho ya ningi omapekaapeko okutala kwaamboka ya ningi omaindilo gokukwata oohi oya mono kutya oyendji uumwene womahangano ngoka kawu li momake gAaNamibia, na itashi ti we kutya ngele omuntu okuna uuthemba wokukwata oohi nena okwiilongela okupewa ookota dhokukwata oohi.

Ngashiingeyi ookota otadhi ka gandja kwiikwatelelwa kiipumbiwa ya thika pu 8 oshowo kuyilwe ya gwedhwa po, shi na sha nomashangitho.

Okwa tsikile kutya omulandu ngoka tagu longithwa otagu ka kwashilipaleka kutya ookota ndhoka odha gandja uuwanawa nokunkondopeka AaNamibia.

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