DJ Omzala falls on hard times

16 April 2021 | People



Former radio personality DJ Omzala, who graced the NBC airwaves in the 1990s, is a broken man.

Off the airwaves, divorced and having had one leg amputated, Omzala is a shadow of the popular radio sensation that attracted a wide listenership among the Oshiwambo radio followers of the last millennium.

Now, the Oshakati West man is in desperate need of resources – and is begging the public to come to his rescue.

Omzala, whose real name is Martin Nembiya, is asking for help from Namibians to build him a toilet.

Weighing a massive 150 kg, Omzala’s leg amputation has only exacerbated his physical inability to do routine things – including when nature calls.

Omzala lost his leg due to diabetes and now lives at his house in Oshakati with little or no entertainment gigs to keep him going.

He survives on a government disability grant of N$1 300 per month. And when he gets lucky he takes on DJ gigs at weddings for those who still believe in his skill.

Namibian Sun caught up with the 54-year-old. He was home alone at the time as those who live with him had gone to work.

This is where he spends his entire day overlooking the wrecks of Mercedes-Benz cars which he worked on as a side hustle when he was an able-bodied man.

His life took a different turn in 2016 when his right leg was amputated. He had been diagnosed with diabetes in 2000.

“I just had a wound on my foot between the toes. I thought that’s all they would remove but when I woke up from the surgery the entire leg was gone. The doctors explained to me that it had to be done because otherwise it would affect my whole leg and I would not be able to move my body anymore,” he said.

He now needs to inject himself with insulin twice a day to manage the disease.

Omzala says life has not been the same for him since 2016.

He is pleading with Namibians to come to his aid. “Going to the bathroom is really difficult, especially at night. And when it rains the floor gets muddy and my wheelchair gets stuck and unable to move.”

The toilet is quite a distance from Omzala’s room and the yard in unpaved, making it hard to maneuvre a wheelchair.

Father of three

Omzala has entrusted the collection of donations to his friends and former fellow NBC deejays, Dj Punyati and Dj Remind, as well as John Ndume.

Omzala has three children, who live with their mothers. He is married but has been separated from his wife since 2006. He currently lives with his younger sister who takes care of him.

Asked what keeps him going, he said: “I cannot feel sorry for myself. Life happened but one needs to stay positive. If I get help, I would be grateful, if I don’t, it’s okay.”

As a token of gratitude, Omzala vows to put on a free disco show for all his benefactors.

Those willing to assist can deposit money into this account:

Dj Omzala Investment CC Acc. 8004698414, Branch Code: 482-673, Bank Windhoek Oshakati. Reference: Individual/Company/Institution

[email protected]

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