Daring to be different

Namibian fashion just took a giant leap forward with a glitzy and urban line… say hello to Money Maker.

12 October 2018 | Art and Entertainment

Did you know that Coco Chanel started from a little hat shop in a Paris street and today they are all over the world? Let that sink in while we discuss the fact that there are over seven billion people on planet earth. This without a doubt means that there is definitely a large market for the clothing line industry. For example; if everybody in the world owns a pair of trousers, one shirt and one jacket it translates into billions of clothing items. Of course, the average person owns far more than a pair of trousers, a shirt and a jacket.

It is indeed beyond every reasonable doubt - the clothing line industry is a money-making industry. Why is this so? Well, it is simply because clothes are amidst the top needs of humanity.

Anyone who has started a business knows how demanding the hours are, how extreme the work is, and how costly it can be to get your idea out of your head and into reality. Starting a clothing line is no different, and may even be a little more complex as it requires one to be creative too.

Regardless of the fact that there is tight competition in the clothing industry, one has to carefully study the industry before getting in, otherwise a business will struggle to survive. tjil chats with new ones in the business… designer Patrick and founder of the brand Sheriff on how they plan on penetrating the saturated industry differently.

What started as an expensive hobby three years ago, has turned into something bigger than what was expected. The founder, who is a renowned businessman, said he became tired of wearing branded clothing and decided to make his own brand he could wear proudly.

“I got the nickname 'Money' and I decided to make my brand Money Maker. I started with three shirts that were just for me and soon people started asking me where I got them because they want to buy them too. The rest is history,” he said. Sheriff said being an entrepreneur had a lot to do with his childhood, as he had to mature fast and learn to fend for himself at a tender age. “I grew up in a house where I was treated differently from everyone else. I had to get things on my own and that's how I became a go-getter. I just had to do everything for myself and that meant what I wanted, I had to get myself. This helped groom me into who I am today,” he said.

Sheriff then got Patrick on board who changed the brand design by adding elegance. According to Quora online magazine, one must have skill to own a fashion business and critical is an eye for trends; that means whether the product you are going to invest in will be purchased by enough people to give you a good return on your investment. The brand grew as both partners became serious and considered their target audience and the type of style which is high-end fashion. Today Money Makers sells chic phone covers, clothing from pants, vests and shirts, just mention a few, as well as bedding and cushions. Money Maker offers street/urban wear and premium wear.

“The signature logo on our clothing is for the premium clients as it is reserved. It is not made in bulk like the urban wear, which is readily available and is funky and chill. We are trying to create a brand that fits all spheres and that's why we don't only have clothing but accessories for the office and house too,” Sheriff said.

Patrick said the premium logo was designed in such a way to suit both local and international markets, as the plan is to make Money Maker a worldwide brand. Their merchandise is thus far available in Namibia, South Africa and Angola. South African celebrities have also caught up with the clothing line and have been seen in the Namibian merchandise. “When we speak Money Maker, we don't only want to relate to clothing, but rather inspire someone to not limit themselves to their current situation. It should help you understand that your current situation does not have to be your destination and you can always elevate yourself. It's about creating an identity which can become a lifestyle.”

Money Maker will be taking part in Windhoek Fashion Week in November, where they will introduce their clothing line. The two say the opportunity is humbling, as their 30-minute slot will introduce their brand to the world and differentiate themselves from other local brands. The owners are looking into taking the brand outside Namibia at fashion weeks and shows.

“We are a limited retail brand. We are for everyone but let's be honest, no one likes to be at a party and notice four other people wearing the same clothing.

“This will not be the scenario with Money Maker clothing. We will take one country at a time,” said Sheriff.

June Shimuoshili

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