Dams more than 50% full

Communities in Omusati, Oshana, Ohangwena, Kunene and the eastern Zambezi floodplains should be on high alert for possible flooding.

03 April 2020 | Weather



The average dam level has risen to 56.9%, nearly twice as high as last season when the dams were only 31.1% full.


The average dam level in central Namibia has increased to 82.5% in comparison to last season's 22.9%.

The Swakoppoort Dam is now 86.7% full (16.7% in 12019).

Von Bach Dam is 99.4% full (45.3% last season) and the Omatako Dam is 61.9% full (0.2% last year).

The small Friedenau Dam west of Windhoek was the only dam that recorded an inflow last week. Its level rose from 43.5% to 46.2% (29% last year).

The polluted Goreangab Dam is more than 100% full, the same as last season. Neither Friedenau nor Goreangab supplies water to the public.


The average level of the dams in the south stands at 55.8% in comparison to last season's 40.1%. The Hardap Dam is now 44.8% full (25.1% last year).

The level of the Naute Dam stands at 84.5% (95.7% last year). The Oanob Dam is 97.2% full (52.3% last season).

The Dreihuk Dam is 17% full (0.8% last year) and the Bondels Dam is 61.6% full (0% last year).

The giant new Neckartal Dam was 10.5% full on Monday.


The average level of the dams in the Gobabis area has risen to 42.9% in comparison to last season's 2.2%.

The Otjivero Main Dam is 42.7% full, the Tilda Viljoen Dam is at 38.5% and the level of the Daan Viljoen Dam is 65.1%.

Last season the levels of these dams were 3.7%, 4.1% and 2.1% respectively.

North and west

The Olushandja Dam in the north is currently 28.5% full in comparison to last season when the level stood at 14.7%, while the level of the Omaruru Delta Dam in the west stands at 1%. It was empty last season.

River levels

According to the latest river bulletin issued by the hydrological department of the agriculture ministry, the water levels in the Cuvelai oshanas remain high and are expected to rise due to good rains received in the catchment.

The levels of the Okavango River continue to rise rapidly at Nkurenkuru and Rundu, with water levels on Tuesday standing at 4.64 m and 6.74 m respectively.

The Zambezi River level continued to drop at Katima Mulilo and on Tuesday it measured 6.63 m. “However, the water level remains above normal and is expected to rise. The eastern floodplains of the Zambezi continue to rapidly fill up and there is strong backflow towards Ngoma Bridge and Lake Liambezi,” the department said. It warned that communities in Omusati, Oshana, Ohangwena, Kunene and the eastern Zambezi floodplains should be on high alert for possible flooding.

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