Dam levels increase after good inflows

03 March 2020 | Weather

Namibia's dams last week received inflows of 87.1 million cubic metres of water, following heavy downpours across the country.

This increased the average level of the country's dams from 35% since last Monday to 47.4% by yesterday.

The Hardap Dam, which received the bulk of the inflow, gained 23.9 million cubic metres of water. Its level increased from 20.6% to 28.7%. The dam is now nearly as full as it was the same time last season when the level stood at 28.1%.

In the central areas of Namibia, the average of dam levels stood at 73.1% by yesterday, in comparison to last week's 49.4%. The dams recorded inflow of 39 million cubic metres of water during the past week. Last season, the average level was 24.3%.

The Swakoppoort Dam received inflow 21.6 million cubic metres of water. This increased the level from 34.9% to 69.1%. Last season, the level of the dam stood at 18.3%.

Meanwhile, the level of the Von Bach increased from 82.4% to 99.4% after receiving inflow of 8.07 million cubic metres of water. However, the sluice gates at the dam had to be opened from 21:00 on Sunday night to 05:00 yesterday morning to keep the level of the dam at 99%. Last season, the dam was only 47.3% full.

The Omatako Dam also recorded inflow of 8.3 million cubic metres of water. This increased its level from 33% to 52.2%. Last season, the level stood at 0.2%.

An inflow of 0.994 million cubic metres was recorded at the Friedenhau Dam, increasing its level from 29.8% to 44.5%.

In the south, the average dam levels increased from 34.1% to 44.8%. An inflow of 45.7 million cubic metres of water was recorded.

The Naute Dam received an inflow of 5.5 million cubic metres of water and its level increased from 80.45% to 87.1%.

The Oanob Dam recorded inflow of 13.1 million cubic metres of water, which increased the dam's level from 52.6% to 90.5%, while the Dreihuk Dam's level increased from 2.1% to 15.4%. It received inflow of two million cubic metres of water.

The Bondels Dam received inflow of more than one million cubic metres of water, and its level increased from 5.3% to 10.2%.

Meanwhile, the average of the dams in the area of Gobabis stand at 21%, increasing from 17.6%. A total inflow of 0.646 million cubic metres was recorded at the Otjivero Main Dam (16.9%), Otjivero Slit Dam (21.6), Tilda Viljoen Dam (32.7%) and the Daan Viljoen Dam (69.1%).

The Omaruru Delta Dam received inflow of 1.287 million cubic metres of water. Its level increased to 3.7% after being empty.

The level of the Omatjenne Dam in the north increased from 3.6% to 11.9%, after receiving inflow of 0.422 million cubic metres of water.

The SADC Climate Services Centre has also warned several countries in the region, including Namibia, of a likelihood of heavy rains until Wednesday.

It said in a statement that there is a likelihood of rainfall exceeding 50mm in a 24-hour period in some parts of the region during the period 27 February to 4 March.

“These rains are likely to result in localised flooding in certain areas,” it said.


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