Councillor nearly loses ear in fist fight

08 May 2020 | Politics



Ongenga constituency councillor Sakaria Haimudi is receiving treatment after a vicious fist fight during which his opponent allegedly almost bit his ear off.

The incident, described by onlookers as more severe than the infamous ear bite that boxer Mike Tyson inflicted on Evander Holyfield in 1997, occurred at Okambebe village after a quarrel between Haimudi and a certain Frans Nghiidipaya.

Nghiidipaya is the father of the child of the councillor's relative, who is understood to have ended the relationship him. Haimudi is said to have been irked by remarks made by Nghiidipaya, who was visiting his son.

The two men reportedly have a history of friction.

Rushed to hospital

During the fight, Nghiidipaya allegedly resorted to biting and severely injured the Swapo councillor, who had to be rushed to hospital.

Nghiidipaya was subsequently taken into custody by the Omungwelume police, but was released after Haimudi elected not to press charges.

When contacted for comment, Haimudi pleaded ignorance, claiming he was hearing about the incident for the first time.

Meanwhile, a police source said: “For him (Haimudi) to receive treatment, he was required to report the matter to the police, which he did.

“He told us (the police) what happened, but chose not to press charges. In the absence of charges, we had to let the other guy go.”

Leaders behaving badly

Swapo councillors have made unpleasant headlines in recent months.

Just over a week ago, Katutura Central councillor Ambrosius Kandjii was arrested and charged with maliciously damaging a car in Windhoek on 19 April.

He was charged with assaulting a woman by punching her and pointing a firearm at her at his house in Katutura.

In April, Engela constituency councillor Jason Ndakunda, who represents the ruling party in the National Council, was caught on camera in an alleged drunk-driving incident.

In video footage circulated on social media, Ndakunda, who later publicly apologised for his behaviour, could be seen finishing a beer after a crash at Oshikango, while calling those filming him “cowards”.

This happened while alcoholic beverages are banned in Namibia under the coronavirus state of emergency.

The Swapo Party Youth League leadership condemned his behaviour in a statement at the time.

In December 2019, Ndiyona constituency councillor Eugen Likuwa was arrested and appeared in court for allegedly assaulting his wife at Arevashweneka village on Christmas Day.

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