Coronavirus: Aochamub could be discharged this week

31 March 2020 | Disasters



Namibian ambassador to France Albertus Aochamub says he has made a good recovery from coronavirus and may be discharged from hospital this week, having been admitted on 15 March.

Aochamub, who previously worked as spokesperson to President Hage Geingob, was the first known Namibian to have contracted the virus which first erupted in China in December last year.

Since then, 11 cases have been confirmed by authorities in Namibia.

By yesterday, the virus had infected 40 174 people in France, with 2 606 deaths reported. Over 7 200 people have recovered from the virus in that country.

On the mend

Aochamub, who worked as director-general of the Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) before joining State House in 2015, yesterday said: “I am speaking to you from the comfort of my hospital bed. It is a completely quarantined facility with the necessary medical personnel and equipment.

“I am fully on the mend with all the key tests showing that I have made good progress on the recovery path. A couple more tests will confirm whether I can be released within another day or two.”

The diplomat, who was in Namibia earlier this year and delivered a lecture on personal branding in Walvis Bay on 15 February, said he cannot get his finger onto how he may have contracted the virus.

“In line of duty we continued to interface with many people and so I can’t pinpoint an instance or an occasion. The focus shouldn’t even be on that; what we need to know is that nobody is safe as soon as you don’t keep a safe social distance and practice good hygiene,” he told Namibian Sun.

“The virus is contracted through multiple means, mainly droplets from an infected individual or surfaces that are infected.”

No hugs

He said being aware of local guidelines by the French authorities helped him deal with his ordeal in its infancy.

“As soon as I felt early symptoms of fever and stomach cramps, I isolated myself from everyone, including work colleagues and my family. I haven’t seen or hugged my family for over three weeks now, just to ensure that we remain safe.”

He said his wife, a former University of Namibia lecturer, has been helpful at home during his absence.

“My family has been in lockdown and isolation for the past three weeks. Children are being home-schooled by my wife within the guidelines provided by the school. All the gadgets we take for granted for mere gaming and fun have become educational tools during this trying time.”

Aochamub says he has kept an eye on work, despite being hospitalised.

“I am still in hospital but with the aid of technology, I have remained engaged with office and work. Hospitalisation did not render me unavailable by choice. I followed the doctors’ orders to rest [and so forth] but the mind remained productive and engaged throughout this time.”

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