Cops sidestep crime-fighter's N$300 000 plea

01 February 2019 | Crime

Unemployed crime-fighter Lisias Nashilongo, who collided with a police vehicle after helping to arrest suspected robbers on 9 November 2016, is still battling to repair his 2005 Jeep Cherokee.

Nashilongo, who is a member of the Women and Men's Network against Crime, demanded over N$300 000 from the police, but he was only given N$45 000 last year.

Nashilongo says the money is not enough to repair his vehicle.

“My car was seriously damaged and I could not afford to get it repaired by myself. Local garages quoted me N$306 195 to repair it, but the police only gave me N$45 000,” Nashilongo said.

“Until now I am struggling to get the car repaired. I have to order parts from South Africa, which is making it even more expensive. This N$45 000 is nothing.”

Nashilongo said he took a police officer from Onesi to Otsinka village, where they arrested three suspected robbers.

On their way back, a police vehicle that was following them collided with his Jeep.

He said the Omusati regional police at Outapi asked him to submit quotations, which he did.

He said the quotations clearly indicated that the total amount required was N$306 195, but last year they asked him to travel to Windhoek, where he was handed N$45 000.

In November 2016 Nashilongo approached the Directorate of Legal Aid in the justice ministry to assist him with a legal representative to take the matter to court. He later dropped the case after he was advised not to take the police to court.

According to him, the police opted to use him and his vehicle whenever they were chasing criminals. “Nobody suspects there were police officers in the car and we always got them easily and successfully.

“I want the police to assist me financially to repair my car. My car collided with a police car while I was helping them arrest suspected robbers. I am unemployed and I have no money to repair it,” Nashilongo added.


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