Containerised classroom inaugurated

Reschelle Beukes extended her heartfelt gratitude to all the sponsors that made the containerised classroom project possible.

05 February 2019 | Education

Michelline Nawatises

“The Good Samaritan in the Bible teaches us a few important lessons. This man was moved by compassion. He stopped, while others focused on their busy schedules, because mercy would not allow him to look the other way. Mercy compels you to get involved and to act constructively.”

These were the words used by Pastor Brian Philander, who opened the inauguration ceremony of a containerised classroom at Mount View High School with a scripture reading.

The school is located in the Babylon suburb of Katutura and the containerised classroom was successfully inaugurated on 29 January by Khomas education director Gerard Vries and Reschelle Beukes, the current junior mayor of the City of Windhoek, in her capacity as Miss Windhoek High School 2018/19 and a finalist in the Miss High School pageant.

Education is one of the most important ingredients to a successful life. Having access to a good education during childhood and in early adulthood can make a real difference later in life.

Education and educators inspire learners to open and expand their minds; even more importantly, a good education skilfully prepares young children for life.

Beukes extended her heartfelt gratitude to all the sponsors that made the containerised classroom project possible.

In her search for a project that would make a difference in the lives of others, she was introduced to Mount View High School by the planning department of the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust).

Beukes, who comes from a single-parent family herself, felt an instant connection with the school.

She mentioned hearing that the school's grade 10s of 2017 were ranked 14th in the Khomas Region, which was just another confirmation to her that she was at the right place.

Namibia Media Holdings (NMH) is the main organiser of the Miss High School pageant, which involves schools from across the country.

This pageant requires a project from each contestant and Standard Bank sponsored each finalist with N$500 to kick off their projects.

Vries gave a speech on behalf of education minister Katrina Hanse-Himarwa.

The speech mentioned that space remains a problem at Mount View High School, as it uses plots allocated to the Green Leaves and Dr Frans Aupa Indongo primary schools.

“Plans are afoot for the school to be relocated to another plot, as we are at loggerheads with the City of Windhoek,” Hanse-Himarwa said.

“The people of Namibia, and in particular those that are tasked with the responsibility of teaching and learning programmes, will take care of this facility and make use of it for generations to come.”

One of the sponsors, Sven Thieme from Ohlthaver & List, said: “I think that we as leaders have a responsibility; we need to get out there… the way Reschelle does. The Harambee Prosperity Plan is a testimony to our government's commitment to delivering basic human right for all Namibians. Education is a fundamental human right and a key driver to building a prosperous nation.”

Thieme further stressed that the nation must put the necessary resources behind education and skills development, so that Namibia is empowered and equipped to fill the skills gaps the country faces.

A skilled labour force not only means that more people are employed, but also that the nation is able to drive innovation, develop new businesses and further enhance sustainability, he said.

“It is our hope that through this humble gesture, our children and youth will be inspired enough to adopt and apply breakthrough thinking,” Thieme said.

Beukes said: “One of the lessons to take along is what can be accomplished when we work together. In this time of austerity measures, we need each more than ever to move forward as a nation.”

Pick n Pay Auas Valley provided the learners with cake and Ohlthaver & List gave each a child a can of cool drink.

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