Colouring outside the lines

Vera Line, a designer and content creator at Ogilvy Namibia in Windhoek, strives to live the best possible life.

02 August 2019 | People


Where creativity meets hard work, dedication, positive energy and determination one is likely to find the passionate and driven Vera Line.

Line is a designer and content creator for Ogilvy Namibia in Windhoek. Working with her team she utilises her creativity and passion to make a positive impact.

“We tend to forget that we can have an impact in the lives of others and what you say and do can affect the next person.”

Line believes in creating positive energy and that whatever you put out in the world and the energy you have will revert back to you. “If you breathe good and harness good energy you will receive good. I firmly believe in maintaining a harmony between life and work and learning to let go and accept new things in my life.”

Past experience has taught Line that when placed in certain circumstances you are able to learn more about who you are and what you are capable of. Whilst studying for a Bachelor's Degree in multimedia design and production focused in design and production at City Varsity in Cape Town she experienced some problems with her paperwork. She was sent back to Namibia, which resulted in her losing out on six months’ work.

“Upon returning they told me I had to redo the year, because it is not possible to catch up on all the work missed. Within two weeks I was able to catch up and complete my first year.” Defying the odds and doubts, she worked hard and realised that she is stronger that she believed and able to work under pressure when needed.

At Delta High School in Windhoek she did not always see herself as the best or fastest student, but she used that as an opportunity to work harder to achieve what she wanted.

“I always knew that I had to do more and work harder at the things I knew I was not that good at. I put in more effort and work and I was able to reap the results of my hard work.”

Line always knew she wanted to follow a career path that is creative and would allow her to use her creativity to create something. At first she wanted to become a doctor, but quickly realised that maths as a subject was not for her.

“Since a young age I was always busy drawing or painting and knew this was something I wanted to do with my life.”

Today Line is fortunate to be in a company where she is allowed the freedom to express herself and becomes consumed with her work because she is able to do what she loves.

“I did a few odd jobs before I started at Ogilvy and worked at the South African Broadcasting Corporation as an intern in film and directing as an operations manager and even worked at a print shop for a while before I joined Ogilvy as an intern in 2018.”

In March 2019 she was officially appointed. Apart from her work at Ogilvy Line is also a model, busy creating her own brand and is a passionate fashion designer who hopes to be a part of this year’s fashion week in Windhoek.

“I want to become director one day and I feel it in my bones that it is coming. What more do you want in life than being a female director?

“I believe in creating both goals and lists for my work and personal life to identify what I want to achieve. Plan your life and work towards that goal.”

Line hopes to live an adventurous life and hopes to one day bungee jump, sky-dive and even swim with sharks.

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