Cold grips Namibia

03 July 2018 | Weather

Icy weather conditions that caused thermometers to dip to record lows this Monday will continue for most of the day today before starting to move northwards later today and on Wednesday.

Some of the lowest temperatures recorded Monday morning was -4 degrees at Omeya and -6 at Seeis.

Namibians yesterday felt temperatures dip after a major cold front swept over large parts of neighbouring South Africa, which saw temperatures in Gauteng dip by about 6 degrees Celsius overnight and many parts of the Cape highlands experiencing strong winds, snow and rain.

The Namibian meteorological service (NMS) over the weekend warned that very cold and windy conditions are expected in the south, the west and over the Khomas and Omaheke regions on Monday with black frost at places.

For today, the NMS stated “it will remain cold and windy over the interior with black frost at places. Eastwind conditions will prevail over the coast.”

Yesterday the ministry of works and transport issued a statement noting that the cold air will migrate northwards today and tomorrow, with sandstorms expected at the coast.

The coast is expected to continue experiencing east weather sandstorms for the remainder of the day, with east wind conditions prevailing until the weekend.

A South African weather report published early on Monday explained the “Atlantic anti-cyclone 'HC' is powerful enough to ridge in strongly over the west pushing the strong cold front “F18” far into the interior where by 14:00 it should have reached Windhoek in Namibia and Johannesburg in Gauteng where the sudden falls in temperature will be about 6 degrees Celsius (from 16 to 10 degrees in Johannesburg).”

The weather advisory noted that “the coldest areas are the southern Cape highlands with maximums hovering at freezing, with snow in the mountains.”

The statement further noted that the “influence of the rising pressure from the anti-cyclone 'HC', as an expanding high ridge, will induce subsidence which should cause the cessation of all rains in the Cape by Tuesday morning.”

Aranos, Buitepos and Gobabis, Otjinene and Maltahöhe are expected to see temperatures dip below zero this morning.

The NMS predicts -1 degree Celsius at Aranos, Otjinene and Maltahöhe, while Buitepos and Gobabis could see -2 degrees Celsius.

Grootfontein and Mariental can expect to reach zero degree temperatures at the lowest end today.


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