Class of 2019 NSSCO pushes through

Final part-time NSSCO examinations are scheduled for 2021 academic year

14 January 2020 | Education

Pull quote: Your parents and the Namibian nation is very proud of you,” - Deputy Minister of Education, Arts and Culture

Michelline Nawatises

According to the Deputy Minister of Education, Arts and Culture Hon. Ester Anna Nghipondoka, a total of 61 137 candidates comprising of 24 932 full-time and 36 205 part-time candidates registered for Namibia Secondary Certificate (NSSC) at 193 full-time and 129 part-time examination centres nationally.

This shows an increase of 4 603 candidates of 8.1 % compared to 56 534 candidates who were registered in 2018. Results indicate that the performance of the 2019 Grade 12 ordinary level results for full-time candidates are almost the same as last year as C grades remained at 20.9 % for the past three consecutive years. During 2019 exams a 92.7% entries were graded compared to 93.3 % in 2018 which represents a minimal drop of 0.6 % in graded subject entries.

However, on the other hand, the part-time candidates have improved remarkably throughout all the grades except at the G grade which dropped with 1.1 %. The performance improved in average with 0.9 % in all the grades.

The 2019 results of the part-time candidates once again could be described satisfactory, seeing that the Namibia Secondary Certificate Ordinary Level (NSSCO) examinations that are based on the old curriculum will be phased out with the final part-time NSSCO examinations scheduled for the 2021 academic year.

In total 81.8 % of all the candidates may qualify for the admission should they wish to pursue their studies in a degree, diploma or certificate courses at respective institutions of higher learning compared to 78.2 % who qualified in 2018.

Only schools with 30 and more subject entries were considered for the top 20 NSSC ordinary level government schools based on the 2019 examination for full-time candidates.

The top two male and female candidates with the best overall performance nationally in six NSSC ordinary level subjects are Dennis Hamutenya and Elizabeth Shihungileni

Top 10 government schools

Rukonga Vision School

Negumbo Senior Secondary School

Onawa Senior Secondary School

Delta Secondary School

Otjiwarongo Secondary School

Gabriel Taapopi Senior Secondary School

Reverend Juuso Shikongo Secondary School

Namib High School

Tsau//Khaeb Secondary School

Paresis Secondary School

Top 10 private schools

St Boniface College

St Paul’s College

Canisianum Roman School

Oshigambo High School

Elcin Nkurenkuru High School

Gobabis Gymnasium Private School

Deutsche Hohere Private School

Walvisbay Private High School

Karibib Private School

St Joseph’s RC High School

The deputy minister was left with one raised eyebrow when announcing the outcome of the results. “With these results, one wonders what is happening at other schools and region if the top 20 is dominated by the same regions and schools only,” she said.

She congratulates the candidates for their hard work. “Now you can harvest the sweet fruits of all your hard work and commitment to your studies,” she added.

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