Charcoal association warns against veld fires

28 April 2021 | Agriculture



The office of the Namibia Charcoal Association (NCA) at Otjiwarongo has received complaints about veld fires at Hochfeld, Kalkfeld, Outjo and Wilhelmstal.

It is a known fact that many veld fires are caused by charcoal production.

Last year, the directorate of forestry introduced new measures for charcoal production that must be adhered to, especially during the dry season.

The NCA calls on all charcoal producers to immediately apply these new measures, as the excessive grass in large parts of the country poses a massive fire risk.

“We appeal to all charcoal producers and non-charcoal producers to familiarise themselves with the veld-fire prevention guidelines for charcoal, to jointly manage the risks and prevent unnecessary veld fires,” the NCA said.

Report offenders

The association said farmers who observe that charcoal producers do not apply these measures and where risk should approach the relevant landowner or charcoal producer.

“Where this is not possible or where the conversation did not go according to plan, offenders should be reported to the NCA, with photographic evidence, if possible.”

The NCA office will pass it on to the relevant regional forestry offices, which will then inspect the farms.

Offenders' harvest licences can immediately be suspended.

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