Challenging the challenges

Ragel Ipinge, the trading manager at the Wernhil branch of Food Lovers Market, believes that when you pursue what makes you happy and step up to face your challenges, your opportunities are limitless.

30 August 2019 | Business


It takes hard work, determination, tenacity and courage to face your fears and rise above your situation and that is exactly what the beautiful and resilient Ragel Ipinge did.

Ipinge is a firm believer that your circumstances do not determine the person you can be or who you can become. “Growing up, I didn’t have much, but I always strived to be the best I can possibly be.”

After high school she took some time off and then struggled to find a permanent job, but when the going gets tough, Ipinge gets going.

“When the Food Lovers Market opened in Swakopmund I decided to take a chance and try my luck and was fortunate enough to be offered a position as a sales lady at the bakery.”

A distinct part of Ipinge’s character is her will to always strive to grow and be the best version of herself she can possibly be. This drive motivated her to work herself up in the ranks. When her journey started as a humble salesperson who loved interacting with people, she knew she was destined for greater things and that would require hard work and perseverance.

She was promoted to bakery supervisor, after which her curiosity led to her branching out within her career and she became a till supervisor and later a cash office controller. After receiving an offer from the Food Lovers Market in Windhoek she started in the admin office, but this motivated and dedicated woman never hesitated to step in when help was needed.

“I was everywhere and knew the ins and outs of every aspect of the company. Today I can proudly say I am the trading manager of the Wernhil branch of Food Lovers Market.

“I started at the bottom and just look where I am now. I am a woman in a management position in a field that is dominated by men. I’ll be happy when I can help others to progress and to prevent them from stagnating. Seeing people grow is what really makes me happy,” Ipinge says.

The saying goes that money makes the world go round and so many people sacrifice their dreams to ensure they can make a living. Ipinge disagrees.

“Life is not just about money. Even if you start at the bottom with next to nothing, you are able to grow. Take what life throws at you and make the most of it. Rejection is a part of life, so use it to your advantage.

“In my position I am able to mentor others, which is something I am extremely passionate about. I love being able to create a safe space where people feel comfortable to speak to me and where I am able to help others to reach their full potential. People are capable of so much more, all they need is someone to help them unlock that potential.

“I love public speaking, interacting with people and, funny enough, I love sitting in front of my computer. Being exposed to the world of debating and public speaking has made me so happy. You are given the opportunity to express yourself for once without being judged.”

Even though fear has a way of preventing one from doing what one loves, Ipinge decided to own her fear and take charge of her life.

“It’s not easy to manage others and instil discipline, but I have never been one to shy away from a challenge. I grew stronger and learnt that it’s not all about me, but about those around me. I used my struggles to grow stronger. I am not afraid of life, but I rather celebrate every opportunity. Stand up for yourself and look your challenges in the eye.”

Fun facts

Ipinge loves milk tart.

She starts every day with a Seattle Coffee.

She was a part of her school’s debating team.

She hopes to one day become a store manager.

She sees a tiger as her spirit animal.

In 2020 she will have been a part of the Food Lovers Market family for eight years.


Ragel Ipinge is the trading manager at the Wernhil branch of Food Lovers Market in Windhoek.


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